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2020 Is. . .

…A brand new candle, barely lit, that will burn itself out in twelve fleet months, another volume in our own book of life, full of blank pages upon which we shall write with our words and deeds, a fresh garment without wrinkle, soil, or tear, an open door, behind which many paths will beckon before the door is closed…

Abomination to God, An

Abortion—A Continuing Abomination

However, even Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were small time operators beside the perpetrators and advocates of legalized, casual abortion in our “civilized” nation. In the forty-six years since the heinous decision of the Supreme Court was handed down (Roe v. Wade, January 22, 1973), 61,000,000 totally innocent, helpless, babies have been murdered…by abortion.…

Abortion: 43 = 59,000,000

The Pharaoh of Moses’ time ordered that every male Hebrew was to be slain at birth (Exo. 1:16, 22). He is remembered in Scripture (and by all right-thinking men) as an unspeakably cruel, immoral, and evil man (Acts 7:19).…

A “Convenient” God

Two or three generations ago the vast majority of Americans believed in the one true and living God, Whose existence the universe declares (Psa. 19: 1–2) and Whose nature and will the Bible reveals (2 Tim. 3:16–17). These percentages have steadily changed so that most of our countrymen now seem to give little thought to God in any sincere way….

All He Asks

Why do so many people fail in living the Christian life? While many answers have been offered, I believe there is one overriding reason that fits every case. People have failed either to understand or have been unwilling to surrender to the central requirement of faithful discipleship: Jesus must be absolutely first in our lives.

All That Matters

If one’s works are not the works God has authorized, they are all done in vain regarding God’s notice or approval (Mat. 15:9). That which God does not authorize, He does not accept or recognize.…

All or None

In an article on, Peter Heck reviewed recent statements by Rob Bell, identified with “the hipster emerging church movement.” Heck discussed Bell’s suggestion of universal salvation, which implies a denial of the existence of Hell. 

America’s Bible Roots

Dark forces in our nation are waging a powerful crusade to obliterate any connection between the founding of our nation and the Bible. That the men who wrote our Bill of Rights and Constitution…believed in God and…were greatly influenced by the teachings of the Bible—and of Christ in particular—is simply a matter of fact. 

America’s Moral Decay

Fifty years ago, lasciviousness, adultery, and fornication, were almost universally deemed reprehensible; they hardly raise an eyebrow anymore. New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, was forced to resign in 2008 for patronizing prostitutes. CNN rewarded him with a TV contract in 2010.…

Animal “Rights” Extremes

Sadistic people visit cruel and senseless suffering on lower animal forms. Accordingly, there is a place for a voice against such. As is often the case, however, that which is good in moderation becomes bad when carried to an extreme. This has happened in the “animal rights” movement.…

Anniversary, A Gruesome

Apostles, Those Arrogant 

Apple Falls Close To The Tree

Are Men Stronger Than God?

Those who believe the Bible believe that God is all-powerful. “Is anything too hard for Jehovah?” (Gen. 18:14) anticipates a negative answer. Scripture refers to God as “Almighty” 59 times. Paul mentioned “…the exceeding greatness of his power” (Eph. 1:19). Truly, the Bible abounds with claims of God’s omnipotence.…


Atheism—Is It Reasonable?

All forms of atheism (e.g., anti-theism, naturalism, humanism, evolutionism, materialism) allege that Christianity is unreasonable and irrational—its adherents all dupes of “blind faith.” Atheists aver that believers in God, the Bible, and Jesus as God’s Son, are such not because of any evidence, but in spite of it.… 

Atheist, A Virtuous

The young man was an avowed atheist. He described himself as “capable of pristine thought and speech,… moral, upstanding, conscientious, ethical, loving, and forgiving…and trying to do what is right.” He went on: “My strength of will and my concern….  

Authority in Religion

Only two sources of authority exist in religion. Authority is “from heaven  [Divine] or from men [human]” (Mat. 21:25). Human authorities consist of such things as the rulings of one man or a council/convention of men, creed books, the majority vote of members, and personal conscience.…

Authority, No Needed

Baptism and Jesus’ Blood

With few exceptions, religious bodies professing belief in Jesus as the Christ, the only begotten of the Father, treat baptism as inconsequential. Some ignore it as if it were not in the New Testament, while others consider it “important,” but not essential to please God, with various views in between.…

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 1 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 2

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 3

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 4 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 5 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 6 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 7 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 8 

Baptism, The New Testament Doctrine of—No. 9  

Baptisms of the Bible 

Basics, Emphasizing the 

Ben Franklin Spanks Tom Paine

Tom Paine was a colonial patriot, credited by some with being the “Father of the American Revolution.” He was given this moniker chiefly for his January 1776 pro-independence pamphlet, titled, Common Sense, which advocated revolution against the British crown. It quickly swept the colonies, selling 100,000 copies in three month’s time ….

Bible, Understanding the

Nothing is more obvious than that men who profess belief in the Bible do not understand it alike. Some believe this is inevitable or even good. If so, why does the Bible command that we “all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you” (1 Cor. 1: 10)?

Bible School, Why Should I Attend?

Book of Books, The

Secularism, atheism, and humanism are arrayed against the Bible as never before in our nation. They seek to stamp all Biblical influences from public life. There could hardly be a greater irony, given the general faith of the Founding Fathers and the Biblical influence present in our founding documents.…

Broadminded—On Being

Broadminded connotes an ample tolerance of beliefs and/or behaviors other than one’s own. Modern philosophers have created a culture that exalts this trait regarding morals and all religions (apart from those claiming Bible connections!). Is this trait a virtue, or could it be a vice? Let us consider broadmindednessin various contexts.…

Burger King and God

What do a hamburger corporation and God have in common? Nothing really, but BK and man’s conception of God is a different matter. Even among those who believe in God, most apparently think that He operates by the BK slogan: “Have it your way.” 

“Bye Bye Baby”

A few years ago Hayes Carll wrote “Bye Bye Baby,” a country music song lamenting a broken romance. This title would serve well for a song about the Pharaoh who ordered the death of all Hebrew baby boys (Exo. 1:16, 22; Acts 7:19). It would also fit Herod’s decree that resulted in the murder of all the baby boys in and around Bethlehem (Mat. 2:16). Even irreligious folk right-y recoil at such inhumane blood lust.

Cafeteria Theology

Does God operate a theological cafeteria? Are all of the world’s religions (e.g., Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, et al.) on His “steam table”? Is Christianity on the menu as merely one among many choices of access leading to God and salvation?…

Cain, The Way of

Can Paperclips Talk?

Most folk believe that only human beings and parrots can talk, but that’s just not true. Although paperclips are not very high on the intelligence scale (and while they don’t actually form and speak words), they nonetheless can “talk.” What then do they say?…

Cart Before the Horse, The

Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God (John 3:16), identified both the “horse” and the “cart” in regard to the respective obligations of all mankind: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second like unto it is this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself ” (Mat. 22:37–39).…

Cause, The Only Adequate

We live in a cause-effect universe: Every effect must have a cause—yea, an adequate or sufficient cause—to explain it. A wrist-watch implies a watch-maker. A house implies a designer and builder.…

“Change Agents”—An Inspired Warning

Solomon long ago had some words of wisdom for all of those who think change for the sake of change is as necessary as breathing: “My son, fear thou Jehovah and the king; And company not with them that are given to change” (Pro. 24:21). Significantly, those who so eagerly urge change in our teaching and practice thereby demonstrate their lack of fear of Jehovah God.…

Christian “Haters”

The title above is admittedly ambiguous. It can mean “Christians who express hatred,” or it can mean “those who hate Christianity.” The latter meaning describes a growing “norm” of attitude and behavior. A broad-based coalition would banish every vestige of “Christianity” from our national identity.…

Christian Sins, When a 

Who Is Not a Christian?

Most people apply Christian indiscriminately to anyone who gives even the least lip service to Jesus and/or his doctrine. But by Bible definition, who, in fact, is a Christian? Determining who is not a Christian may help us answer this question.…

Christians, “Born Again” 

Christian Evidences 

Christianity Comes in Cans

Are you aware that Christianity comes in cans? I am sure that I have met some people along the way who would be glad to “get some religion” if they could just get it in a small, inexpensive, easily-accessible package—like a can….

Christmas—That Time of Year Again 

Church, A Strong

Church Building, Eating in the 

Church Growth 

Church History, Preaching on

The older I get and the more I observe what some brethren are doing and saying, the more convinced I become that the Lord’s people do not know much about church history. Surely, some of the things being tolerated and/or promoted among brethren nowadays would not be going on if there were a better grasp of what has gone before.…

Church Renovation

“Church Undergoes Renovation,” the newspaper headline read. The words were positioned above a photo of a church building surrounded by scaffolding, with workmen on its roof. The article described the modernization of a church building, which the article referred to in common—albeit mistaken—parlance as a “church.”…

Church Should Have Failed, The 

Church, The New Testament

Church, The Scandal of the

Church, The, Was Not an Afterthought

Many anti-Scriptural concepts of the church exist (e.g., denominationalism, that one can serve Jesus apart from His church [Jesus, yes—the church, no], that the church’s principal work is to supply the physical and/or social needs of mankind, etc.). Another egregious misconception depicts.… 

Church, The Work of the 

Church, What Is the Biblical Name of the Universal?

The title above is one of several questions a visitor to my Website,, submitted on December 28, 2017. His reading my MS, “The Church of Christ Is Not a Denomination,” provoked the questions (obviously disagreeing with my MS).…

Civil Disobedience, On

Only two spheres/sources of authority exist—human and Divine: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” (Mat. 22:21; cf. 21:25). Divine authority is supreme—whether or not men acknowledge it—and He will eventually exercise it utterly (Mat. 25:31–46).…

“Come Forth My People…”

When John heard the angel announce the impending doom of “Babylon,” another heavenly voice warned, “Come forth, my people, out of her, that ye have no fellowship with her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” (Rev. 18:4)…. 


Compassion Fruit Juice 

Conflict Is Real, The 

Contributions You Can Make 

Conversion Confusion

Conversion is the theme of the New Testament. It embraces redemption, forgiveness, and salvation—the purpose of Jesus’ coming. To “convert” means to change/turn from one’s present course. One’s salvation depends upon his conversion (Mat. 18:3; Acts 3:19), so we must understand the New Testament’s teaching concerning it.…

Conversion, The, of Saul of Tarsus

Saul of Tarsus is a fierce persecutor of Christians when he first appears in the New Testament record (Acts 7:58–8:3). His change from cruel crusader against the church to Jesus’ ardent advocate as the apostle Paul is one of the remarkable narratives of history, with significant implications…. 

Courage, Be of Good 


Cross, Enemies of the

In the mildest of his epistles (in terms of rebuke and correction), the apostle Paul nonetheless warned the Philippian saints of “enemies of the cross of Christ” (3:18–19),… Notably, Paul here made the cross the apex, summary, and symbol of Jesus’ earthly life and work (His purpose in coming, His doctrine, His church, et al.).

Cross, Jesus’ Amazing

The centerpiece of God’s plan to redeem sinful mankind—yea, of history—is the cross of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the “word of the cross,” which is “the power and wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:18, 23–24). Faithful preachers will preach the cross (2:2). Christians should glory in the cross (Gal. 6:14). The cross significantly demonstrates some extraordinary facts:…

Cross, Matters Demonstrated by the

By far, the most enduring symbol of the religion of Jesus Christ is the cross. It so represented Jesus’ life, work, and death that the apostle Paul said it was the only thing he would preach (1Cor. 2:2) and of which he would ever boast (Gal. 6:14). The cross demonstrates several matters of great significance, among them, the following:…

Darwinism and Morality

Until about fifty years ago in America, lasciviousness, adultery, and fornication were almost universally deemed reprehensible. Divorce was shameful, pornography was underground, and homosexuality was illegal. These elements are now on open display and enjoy wide approval—and participation.…


Denominationalism in the New Testament

When Jesus said, “I will build my church,” the farthest thing from His mind was the prevailing denominational structure by those who would profess belief in Him. This structure includes Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant institutions with their profusion of names, doctrines, and practices and their resultant sectarianism.…

Destructible Deities

When a Buddhist temple burned in a Texas city, the image of Buddha, their object of worship, melted. While none should rejoice in the property loss our fellow-citizens sustained, the melted Buddha provokes reflection on the great contrasts between Christianity and the pagan “world religions”…

Denomination? Is the Church a


Denominationalism or the Church?

Thoughtful Bible students realize that denominational “churchianity” bears no resemblance to New Testament Christianity. It is not only fundamentally undenominational; it is anti-denominational…. 

Devil, Resist the

Did They Do Rightly? 

Different, Anything To Be

Discouragement, The Danger of

Given the wickedness of the world and the mounting attempts to drive underground those who dare publicly profess faith in the Bible, it is difficult to avoid becoming discouraged. Further, when we observe the chaotic state of the church of the Lord we could easily become depressed.… 

Disinherited Children

Joan Crawford, the famous movie star of several decades back, left some of her children out of her will. Let it be observed, however, that such disinherited children do not cease to be the children or offspring of the withholding parents; they simply are left out of the will, cut off from receiving any of the estate.…

Divorce and Remarriage—Is There a Second “Exception”?

Other brethren view Paul’s words here (particularly v. 15) not as mere opinion, but as “expanded revelation” relative to Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 19:9 regarding divorce and remarriage.…

Doctrinal Purity 

Doctrine and Unity

“Easter” Season—From God or Man?

As sincere as many people are in their observance of Lent, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter (certainly so of Mardi Gras!), none of these has any Biblical origin or basis whatsoever. They rather reflect a blend of post-apostolic traditions and Paganism of the Roman Catholic Church, centuries too late to be Scriptural.…

Elders—Must All Have All the Qualifications?

Among the clever and devious devices brethren have come up with to avoid the force and stringency of the pastoral qualifications is the claim that as long as the entire group of elders possesses all of the qualifications of Scripture, the qualifications are thereby satisfied.…

Elders—Their Crucial Role

Elders must meet stringent inspired qualifications before being given charge of the congregation (1 Tim. 3:1–7; Tit. 1:5–9). It is their sacred duty first to engage in self-examination, then in congregational-examination (Acts 20:28). Their responsibility is two-fold….

Evangelism, Ingredients of

No subject is more vital to sincere saints than evangelism. Jesus made it our first responsibility when He issued the Great Commission (Mat. 28:18–19; Mark 16:15–16; Luke 24:47). It is God’s means of saving the lost. It is the lifeblood of the church. Evangelism lurks around every “corner” of the Gospel.…

Ethics and Morals 

Faith, Biblical

Faith and belief (in their various cognates) are among the most frequently found words and concepts in the Bible. They are also among the most misunderstood and abused Biblical words. Without controversy, the Bible requires that all who would be saved from the condemnation of sin must possess faith in God and His Son:…

Faith in the Bible 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 1 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 2 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 3 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 4 

Faith, The Bible Doctrine of—No. 5  

False Teachers, Identifying 

False Teacher! Oh for an Honest

Although many of the wolves were forced to wear sheep’s clothing (the Lord’s figure for hypocrisy and deception [Mat. 7:15–16]) for a few decades, their influence has become so pervasive….

Fellowship and Family Members

Perhaps no Christian family has escaped seeing a family member depart from the faith, either in doctrine or behavior (or in both). When a husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, or sister falls away or becomes involved in doctrinal error or support of a false teacher, what are the faithful family members to do?…

First or Twenty-first?

A pressing question for all who are serious about Christianity is, “Did the Son of God intend for His church to remain in its inspired, apostolic form only for their time or for all time?” Does the assertion, We don’t need a first-century church, but a twenty-first century church, represent Biblical teaching or human opinion?…

Flood, Lessons from the 

Fools—Ancient and Modern 

Fornication and Adultery

Fornication and adultery were once, without hesitation, deemed “sinful”—forbidden by God and sources of shame and disgrace to the vast majority of US citizens. Lamentably, such behavior has become commonplace, promoted relentlessly by the industries of entertainment, advertising, fashion, and public education—and even some churches.…

Four Hearts

The title above doesn’t refer to a “hand” in a card game. Rather, it relates to Jesus’ parable about a farmer who sowed seed in his field (Luke 8:5–15). Of the thirty or so parables He told, this is one of the very few that He explained in detail. He tells us plainly: “The seed is the word of God” (v. 11)…

Freckles and Hairs 

The apostle Paul’s most frequently used term in reference to the church is “the body.” In using this expression he draws on comparative features in our physical bodies. We find the fullest exposition of this analogy in 2 Corinthians 12:12–27.…

From Heaven or From Men?

Jesus’ once asked the Jewish rulers if the baptism of John was of Heaven or of men (Mat. 21:25). In doing so, he exhausted all possibilities. The wicked Jews knew better than to argue that there was a third possible source of authority. Every doctrine and practice in religion is either authorized by God—or it is human in origin.… 

Fully Armed 


God, Are Men Stronger Than? 

Is anything too hard for Jehovah?” (Gen. 18:14) anticipates a negative answer. Scripture refers to God as “Almighty” 59 times.…

God Cannot Do, Some Things 

The Bible abounds with claims of God’s omnipotence, yet because of His very nature, there are some things God cannot….

God Does Not Know, Some Things 

In numerous statements the Bible proclaims God’s omniscience—He knows all things (Rom. 11:33–34; 1 John 3:20b; et al.) In spite of these plain averments….

God, “Dumbing Down” 

In recent years, dumbing down has entered the vernacular, meaning to diminish the original effect….

God, Goodness and Severity of 

God Hath Spoken 

“God Is No Respecter…”

In the house of the Gentile, Cornelius, the apostle Peter arrived at a dramatic conclusion for a biased Jew: “God is no respecter of persons, but in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness is acceptable to him” (Acts 10:34–35). He then did the unthinkable for a Jew, offering salvation to his Gentile audience through the Gospel….

God, On the Fear of

The 112thPsalm begins as follows: “Praise ye Jehovah. Blessed is the man that feareth Jehovah, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.” This blessing upon the God-fearer is one of dozens of Biblical statements that either commends or enjoins our fear of God.…

God, Rebelling Against 

God, The Nature of 

Godliness Pays

Godspeed, Bidding 

Going, Things that Keep Me 

Gospel and Conflict, The  

Gospel and Subjectivism, The 

Gospel Meetings? Why Have 

Gospel, Thoughts on the

Grace of God, The 

Grace of God Is Exclusive, The 

Grace of God Is Inclusive, The 

Grapes of Thorns?

In the process of warning about the grave dangers of listening to false prophets, Jesus said, “By their fruits ye shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” (Mat. 7:15–16). Jesus made a spiritual application of this general, axiomatic principle.…

Great Paradox, A 

“Grow, We Are Commanded to”

While speaking of the local church, the preacher said, “We are commanded to grow.” He immediately quoted Mark 16:15 as his proof text: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to the whole creation.”…

Heart, The, or the Head?

“Heart” in our title refers to feelings, (e.g., joy, sorrow, fear, anger, hate, love, et al.). “Head” refers to reasoned conclusions based on evidence.… Only when the head triumphs over the heart will one seek, find, and obey the Gospel.…

Heat and Light

Hell, Jesus and 

“Hell at Last!”

Concerning the unrighteous and the righteous, respectively, at The Judgment, Jesus Christ, the loving, merciful Savior, stated: “And these shall go away into eternal punishment: but the righteous into eternal life” (Mat. 25:46). To be consistent, denial of Hell demands denial of Heaven….

Here, Why Are You? 

“Here’s How” 

A leaflet making the rounds purports to instruct us on the way to have “an eternal relationship with God.” The suggested four-point plan….

History Repeats

A century and a half ago, a few brethren who were determined to have what pleased them in religion were willing to sacrifice respect for both the statement and the silence of Scripture in order to have their idols (primarily musical instruments and separate evangelistic organizations).…

Holy Spirit Baptism 

Holy Spirit Baptism—Questions and Answers 

Honoring With the Lips

Pharisees and scribes once came to Jesus, chastising Him for not honoring the traditions of their forefathers (Mat. 15:1–2). He responded by accusing them of violating God’s commandments by their human traditions, and cited one of their traditions as proof (vv. 3–6).… 

How Does Your Garden Grow? 

Humility and Service 

Humility, Serving in  

“If and Only If…”

The title above expresses a formula in logic and mathematics regarding compound statements (biconditionals). The formula (abbrev. as IFF) applies only when (i.e., “if and only if”) both statements are of exactly the same “truth value.” The IFF formula is a powerful way of expressing propositional facts and truths that are incontrovertible.…

Inspiration, The Bible’s Great Claim of 

Intellectual Snobbery 

Invitation, Offering the 

Isaiah Attitude, The 

“Is That All There Is?” 

Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller wrote a song thus titled, and Peggy Lee made a hit recording of it in 1969. Its lyrics somewhat reflected the cynicism and cultural breakdown our nation experienced beginning in the 1960s.…

It Fills a Space

I have been reading church bulletins more six decades. I have served as editor of church bulletins for over five decades. At one time, the mailbox of the church where I preached received approximately 150 bulletins each week. I have literally seen almost everything there is to be seen in church bulletins.…

“It Is Too Much…”

In so doing, he implied that God’s decree was too rigorous, that He did not mean what He had decreed, and that the doctrines and practices of men are as acceptable to God as those He had ordained.…

Jesus‘ Amazing Cross

The centerpiece of God’s plan to redeem sinful mankind—yea, of history—is the cross of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the “word of the cross,” which is “the power and wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:18, 23–24). Faithful preachers will preach the cross (2:2). Christians should glory in the cross (Gal. 6:14). The cross significantly demonstrates some extraordinary facts:…

Jesus, Wonders of His Birth

The Biblical record of the birth of Jesus Christ notably omits the date of its occurrence, so it is appropriate to turn our thoughts to it at any season of the year. Likewise, there is no hint in the New Testament that His disciples did or should engage in any special observance of the occasion.…

Jesus’ Blood Keeps on Cleansing

Many years ago (when I was a very young preacher) I believed that unless one specifically named every sin he committed and specifically asked forgiveness of each one, as he became aware of such sins, God would not forgive them. Eventually, I came to see that this was an untenable (and unscriptural) position for various reasons:…

Jesus—Did He Die in Vain?

The entire Christian system centers around the death of Jesus on the cross. He “died for the ungodly” (Rom. 5:6, 8). He “laid down his life for us” (1 John 3:16). In spite of numerous like statements of Scripture, certain things, if true, would mean that Christ died in vain.…

Jesus, Do You Love?

The apostle Paul lent significance to the question above as he wrote: “If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema…” (1 Cor. 16:22). Anathema means “accursed,” thus under the condemnation of God. He earlier explained that love for others is defined by action, rather than merely by words (13:4–7; cf. 1 John 3:18).…

Jesus Has a Law

The affirmation of my title is offensive to many theologians and pulpiteers. Those offended often hurl the legalist epithet at the affirmers. “No,” they say, “We are not under law, but under grace, in the Gospel age.” …  Let us study this subject of eternal implications by means of some questions: 

Jesus Mistaken? Was 

Jesus—More Than a Man

One of the songs in the 1970s rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, has  Mary Magdalene singing of Him, “He’s a man, He’s just a man”….

Jesus, or a “JINO”?

Various cults and sects foreign to the New Testament claim to “believe in Jesus.” When their doctrines are compared with the Bible, however, their “Jesus” is actually a “JINO” (“Jesus In Name Only”). A case in point is the “Jesus” of the Mormon cult (“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”):…

Jesus—Our Perfect Role Model 

Either consciously or unconsciously, everyone has one or more role models whom he seeks to imitate. Jesus Christ alone has the right to be such because….

Jesus, Rejecting 

Jesus’ Return, Things that Will Occur at  

Jesus’ Return—When Will It Be? 

Jesus’ Sake, Suffering for 

Jesus—Some “Why Nots” of His Coming

Jesus Himself tells us clearly why He initially came down from Heaven: “For the Son of man came to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10). At various times He also stated several things that He did not come to do. These “why nots” are as significant as the “why” of His First Coming.…

Jesus, The “Failure” of 

Jesus, The Testament of 

Jesus, The Words of 

Jesus’ View of Scripture

Is the Bible a mere curiosity piece of superb, ancient literature? Is it an irrelevant document, good for its contemporaries, but now a mere relic without modern use or application? If we could sit down with Jesus and interview Him about the Bible, what would He say to us? Would His evaluation of it make any difference?

Jesus, When…Was Lost

Jesus, Which?

Modern folk—scholar, ruler, and commoner alike—who still profess to believe in God have nevertheless in many cases eschewed the fact that He created them. Contrariwise, denying God’s revelation of Himself, they have “made” Him in theirimage. As they have done with the Father, so they have done with His Son, Jesus, the Christ.…

Jesus—Why He Came

In spite of the plainness of the singularity of Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth, men still misunderstand it. They have variously set forth such purposes as political revolution and healing the sick and ailing. Political liberals/progressives deceitfully invoke some of His words and works to bolster their program of socialism and social reform.…

John—Whom the Lord Called None Greater

Jesus gave unparalleled commendation to his kinsman, the prophet John: “Among them that are born of women there hath not arisen a greater than John the Baptist” (Mat. 11:11). Let us explore some possible reasons for this unique accolade.…

Judaism Restored 

”Judge Not…” 

Judgment Day Surprises

One of the recurring themes of the New Testament is that of the final accounting that all men must make before their Creator—The Day of Judgment. Jesus described it in some detail (Mat. 7:21–23; 25:31–46). The final New Testament book emphasizes The Judgment near its close (Rev. 20:11–15). Hardly a New Testament book fails to mention it.…

Judgment, Not Heard at the

In light of numerous passages of Scripture, we will do well to ponder some statements that will not be heard at the Judgment.…

Laid Back, “Hip”—And Irreverent

One poor fellow wore jeans, an ugly open-collared shirt, and sneakers and sported a distracting, obviously unkempt beard. Had he worn hunting boots he could have been mistaken for “Jeremiah Jones,” just down from his mountain cabin (never mind that he could hardly carry a tune).…

Land Promise, The 

Law and Love

Priscilla Jane Owens (1829–1907) penned several hymn poems, among them, “Give Me the Bible.” She wrote these lyrics in the 19th century before it became popular—even among theologians—to debunk, demote, and attempt to destroy the authority of Holy Writ.…

Legalism or Love?

Those who do not want to obey the teachings of the New Testament often accuse those of “legalism” who dare emphasize obedience to God’s commands. Legalism is defined as “strict, or excessive conformity to the law.” In the religious context, this definition refers to God’s Law.…

Let’s Party 

Lie, They Believe a 

Life Begins at Conception—So Abortion Is Murder

To the pro-death abortion advocates, the content of the womb is little more than a wart, an appendix, or even a tumor—thus disposable. The crucial question then is, when does life and human personhood begin?

Little Word—Big Meaning

Jesus once said, “We must work the works of him that sent me…” (John 9:4). “Must” refers to that which is necessary, indispensable, required, or obligatory. What are some things we must do?…

Lord’s Supper, The—What Does It Commemorate? 

Lost Souls on Pentecost

The first Pentecost Day after Jesus’ ascension to Heaven found a throng in Jerusalem from “every nation under heaven” (Acts 2:5). Of that number, 3,000 obeyed the apostolic message by their confessed faith, repentance, and baptism in order to receive forgiveness of their sins (vv. 37–41).… 

Love Letter or Law?

Is the New Testament merely a collection of “love letters” containing nothing more than polite suggestions of behavior?… Many professed believers parrot the view that the New Testament pertains exclusively to grace and love.… What shall we say to this averment?…

“Magic,” The “Gospel” of 

Mainline or Sidetrack? 

Man’s Image, Making God in 

Man’s Ultimate Quest

All men are seeking something; this is what keeps us going. Various ones seek fame, riches, pleasure, peace, power, and other things. There is only one quest that towers over all others in importance and that should govern all other pursuits. Jesus Christ set it forth in the Sermon on the Mount:…

Mark and Turn Away

Marriage and Family, The Infallible Manual for 

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh? So that they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder….

Marriage, Man, Woman and

Whether or not one believes the Bible to be God’s Word, he should be honest enough to let the Bible say what it says. One forfeits any claim of integrity when he knowingly twists Biblical statements (2 Pet. 3:16) so as to make them appear to teach other than what they teach (often making the Bible thereby contradict itself).…

Marriages—Simple Reasons Why They Fail

When a marriage fails, it is because the people involved have failed in one or more important characteristics. Marriage works as God intended, only when both partners behave as God directs.…

Master? Who Is Your 

Members? “We” or “They”  

Membership Placement—”Automatic”?

Through the years I have come across brethren who believed that merely visiting with a congregation for a few weeks or months thereby made them members, with no request on their part and no announcement to the congregation.…

Minister, A Good 

Miracles, The Purposes of 

Miracle? What Is a 

Miracles: Have They ceased? 

Many modern religionists claim the power to perform the same miracles and signs as those recorded in the Bible. Claiming and doing are….


Moral Decisions, Biblical Principles for Making

Confronting temptations to “cross the line” that separates moral from immoral behavior is as old as Adam and Eve. Temptation may involve money, deceit, pride, sex, power, or other elements. For those wise enough to honor the Bible as their standard….

Moral Decisions, Flawed Principles for Making

Making moral decisions has to do with confronting day-by-day temptations and behavior options. Everyone operates by some set of “moral standards” that determine his/her behavior, even if they are immoral.… 

Moral Decisions, Implied Principles for Making

Every time we encounter temptation to do that which would violate our moral scruples, we must make a decision to resist or yield. When thus tempted (whether by money, pride, sex, et al.), we will have a better chance of doing what is right if we apply certain principles.…

“Movement in Transition”  

Murmuring at Marah  

My Way or God’s Way?

A survey has found that many Americans now take a mix-and-match, build-your-own approachin religion. Loyalty to a denomination—previously the norm—no longer prevails.… One observer likened the phenome-non to personalizing a “playlist” on an iPhone.…

Narrow Gate, The 

“Neither Could They Blush”

A major factor in the destruction of God’s people in the days of Jeremiah was their shamelessness: “Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush” (Jer. 6:15). Among the “works of the flesh” that will keep one out of Heaven is “lasciviousness”…

No Bible Heritage?

Humanists, Secularists, political Progressives, and assorted other anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-Bible forces are doing their best to remove all Biblical connections to our nation’s history.… In spite of the best efforts of such forces, the Bible remains deeply ingrained in the public consciousness.…

No-Fault Mentality, The 

No Thanks, Anytime 

Normal, When Abnormal Becomes

Not or Now?

Changing a single letter of a word can create a statement that directly contradicts the writer’s intended expression. To misspell not as now well illustrates this fact. It is bad enough to unwittingly make such an error in a word relating to the Scriptures. It is manifestly worse when one intentionally makes such substitutions….

Now or Not?

A pesky stumblingblock to proofreaders is catching the “correct error”—the word that is spelled correctly, but is the wrong word. Failure to note these flaws can result in everything from nonsense to saying the opposite of one’s intent.… In Biblical matters examples abound wherein men intentionally substitute their own not for God’s now…

Numbers, Impressed with 

Numbers, Strength in 

Obey God, Man Must 

Ought, The Principle of 

People Are Impressed 

Perils of the Soul 

Those who have experienced life-threatening situations understand the meaning of peril.… Few ever consider the fact that spiritual perils are far more consequential than physical ones. Jesus put these perils in perspective: “And be not afraid of them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul….


Postmodernism, Early 

Prayer Pointers

Preacher, My Aims as a Gospel

It is always helpful to have a roadmap when traveling, whether on literal roadways or on the journey of life. With this in mind, I present the following as the “map” I aim to follow in my life and work as a Gospel preacher:…

“Preachers” or “Pastors”?

“Pastor” may be the word most frequently used to describe a preacher’s work (e.g., “John Smith is the pastor of the ___________ church”). This term is also used as a title of address (e.g., “Pastor John Smith will now speak”). Roman Catholics and Protestants alike thus employ the word. Does the Bible sanction this usage?…

Preachers, “Professional”  

Preachers in Prison—Poem

God’s preachers are in prison yet, But unlike Paul of old; The bars and chains God’s preachers get today, are manifold.…

Preaching We Need, The Kind of 

Preaching, “Balanced” 

Pride, The Wickedness of 

Put Things Right

Quit, Why Some People 

“Rapture,” Thoughts on the 

“Red Flags” – No. 1 

“Red Flags” – No. 2 

“Red Flags” – No. 3 

“Red Flags” – No. 4   

“Red Flags” – No. 5 

“Relationship, Not Religion” 

Relativism, The Myth of 

Religion, “Big-Tent” (S)

Members of both major political parties talk about “big-tent” policies. By big-tent they mean inclusion of those who hold views diverse from and/or contradictory to core party principles—if they will vote the party ticket. Men will long debate whether such represents good politics, but it undeniably represents considerable compromise.…

Religion by Majority

A Pew Poll of 35,000 Americans, released in June 2008, revealed some interesting statistics about religious beliefs. More than half (57%) of  “evangelicals” (strong in their belief in the Bible and in Jesus as God’s only begotten Son, right?), opined that Christianity is not the only way to Heaven…..

Religion, The “Poison” of 

Religious “Dinos”

Acronyms have long been popular, especially in government and politics. Two of these in current use relate to the major political parties.… In religion, those who claim to be Jesus’ disciples, but who teach and act otherwise, may accurately be called religious “DINOS”—disciples in name only.…

Religious Pluralism 

The term “pluralism,” when applied to religion, lauds diversity. Wickipedia states: “Religious pluralism holds that no single religion can claim absolute authority to teach absolute truth”…

Repent or Perish

Jesus twice stated, “except ye repent, ye shall…perish” (Luke 13: 3–5). His statement signals the indispensable place of repentance in the scheme of redemption. We will thus do well to understand its meaning and its relationship to other elements of the Lord’s plan of salvation.…

Retirement Plan, Have You Started Your? 

Rod, The Right

Romans 10:9—A Gross Misapplication

“If thou shalt confess with thy mouth Jesus as Lord, and shalt believe in thy heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved” (Rom. 10:9). The foregoing words from the apostle Paul may be among the most frequently abused and misused in Scripture…. 

Ruled by Law or by Men?

Only two kinds of civil government exist: The rule of law or the rule of men. When law prevails (assuming its nobility), all are treated equally because law is objective, and plays no favorites.… When men rule, they use the law only when it favors their cause or when it rewards their friends and/or punishes their enemies.…

Satan and His Devices 

Satan—Our Cunning Foe 

Saved, When Is One?

There is no more important question for anyone to ponder because it involves one’s eternal destiny. One may be mistaken about his house, his job, his car, his health, mathematics, history, or any number of things, but one dare not be mistaken about this subject.… 

Science, Ignorance, and Bias

Scripture, Respect for 

Scripture, The Silence of

What is the significance of Biblical silence, or has it any significance at all? Does Scriptural silence grant freedom to act in religious matters, as many allege? Does the silence of the Bible have a prohibitive force? How shall we deal with the silence of Scripture? All such questions relate to the subject of Biblical authority ….

Scripture, The  Silence of, Sometimes Forbids 

Selective Postmodernism

Postmodernism is the buzzword for today’s sophisticates who purport to have transcended the outmoded standards that have well served mankind from the beginning and Western Civilization for centuries. It has adversely affected almost every facet of life in America the past three or four decades.…


The Bible teaches the doctrine of “separation” almost incessantly. God requires His people to recognize that they distinctly belong to Him and to behave accordingly.


Shame, The Loss of 

Sin, the Great Deceiver  

Sin—Its Implications

Only a few decades ago, the majority of US citizens acknowledged the existence and consequences of an entity called sin. A vast number of our citizens now deny sin’s existence—by their deeds, if not by their words. But what if there is such a thing as sin?…

Sin? The Most Dangerous

If you were asked to name the most dangerous sin, would it be murder, lying, adultery, slander, or perhaps some other? All of these are dangerous, both to the victim and the perpetrator. However, consider an often-overlooked behavior that one might not at first think is so dangerous….

Sin, Whatever Happened to? 

Sinful Surnames 

Sins…, When a Christian

The New Testament plainly teaches that we sometimes sin as Christians. To children of God, John wrote: “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us…. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us” (1 John 1:8, 10).…

Soulwinning, The Joys of 

Sounds Like Some of Us  

Spirit, Led by the 

“Spiritual Adultery” 

Spiritual Gifts, The Impartation of 

Stand Fas

Strength, Whence Our? 

Strong in the Lord 

Subjectivism, Fickle

While not intending to impugn the sincerity of anyone, it must be a very convenient form of religion that rests on it is so because I say/feel it so. Webster identifies subjectivism as “a doctrine that individual feeling…is the ultimate criterion of the good and the right.”…

Supreme Court, The

Article III, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States, names the Supreme Court as the ultimate judicial power of the United States of America. Some of its rulings have crucially affected the moral foundation and direction of our nation.…

Temple, Cleansing the 

That Time of Year Again

Undoubtedly, during this holiday season more people (in our culture, at least) will be thinking and talking about the birth of Jesus than at any other time of the year. We see the effect of this phenomenon in various marketing and advertising campaigns….

 The Law? What then Is 

The Power of Jesus Blood

In 1927, blood was drawn from the veins of Asibi, a 28-year-old African. From subsequent cultures of that blood, scientists developed yellow fever vaccine. The blood of that man provided power and hope, likely preventing millions of deaths. The blood of Another—Jesus Christ—is far more powerful and hope-filled….

The Principle of “Ought”

Among the “new wave” of stellar militant, belligerent infidels is the British Oxford scholar, Richard Dawkins. His 2006 book, The God Delusion, boldly aims at converting every believer to his atheism. Obviously, either too few have read it, or he didn’t do a very effective job. Many millions (whether odd or not-odd) still believe in God.…

“They Made Light of It” 

Thousand-year Reign, The             

Tolerance, On the Intolerance of

It is possible to become so extreme in the practice of a virtue that it becomes a vice. It is good to pray, but if one spent every moment in prayer, he could not do many other things the Lord requires of us. (Incidentally, this is not what Paul meant when he wrote, “Pray without ceasing” [1 The. 5:17].)…

Tongues, The Gift of 


We may generally characterize the tumultuous, topsy-turvy times of the present as the elevation of fiction over facts, the abnormal over the normal, willful amnesia over history, fantasy over reality, subjectivity over objectivity, romanticism over reason—and man over God.… 

Truth, Thoughts on 

Truth, What Is?  


Vacation Time 

Vain Things

Vain is capable of two distinct meanings, depending upon context.…  Vain action, however, is futile, ineffective, worthless, or unavailing effort. The New Testament describes various behaviors that are vain—they are a waste of both time and effort. A review of some of these is instructive….


Watch and Resist 

Weak Weapons 

What About Armageddon?

For many years, every time an international political crisis has arisen (especially if it involves the modern nation of Israel), the cry has gone up, “Armageddon is imminent! The end of the world is near! Christ is about to come”!…

“Whatsoever a Man Soweth…” 

A bountiful, but bitter harvest of dishonor, immorality, profanity, drug/drink addiction, and cold secularism have become commonplace in our beautiful America. These behaviors extend from the powerless and poor through all intermediate levels to the wealthy….

Which Describes You? 

Whose Shall They Be? 

Widows, The Ephesian—1 Timothy 5:3–16

First Timothy 5:3–16 has long been problematical. Perhaps the biggest problem revolves around what seems to be an arbitrary age limit governing widows who can be “enrolled” (v. 9), and, as generally concluded, whom the church can therefore support.…

Will God “Understand”?

In God’s inspired Word, the Bible, He has revealed everything anyone can know about His mind and will. Either He means what He says in His Word, or He doesn’t. If He doesn’t, the Bible is merely advice that we may ignore with impunity.…

Wills and Codicils, On

Men make their wills on the basis of information available to them at the time. Conditions sometimes change that merit a change in the will. If the changes are extensive, the will is usually re-written. However, if only a brief statement of alteration is required, one may do this by affixing a handwritten note (i.e., a “codicil”).…

Win, Who Will?  

Wonder of His Birth, The—Poem

We know not on what day it was  The Savior-babe was born; We only know that this event With wonder is adorned. While early Christians are not known Who kept the Christ-child’s birth, It must be placed near to His death In all events of worth.…

Work, Respect for 


Worship—A Serious Matter

The worship of Almighty God is both an exalted privilege and an awesome duty. Failing this realization has cost many much (e.g., Cain, Nadab, Abihu, King Saul, et al.). Jesus rejected the worship of the religious leaders of His day: “But in vain do they worship me, Teaching as their doctrines the precepts of men” (Mat. 15:9).…

Worship, Attendance a

Worship, Good Manners in

Worship, Involvement in 

Worship, Why Nots of

Xmas Extremes


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  4. Why Bible not understood alike. As a member of the Lord’s church, I have another thought on why everyone doesn’t always see scripture alike. Not being raised in the church, I feel helps me look at some areas different then those raised in the Lords Church. While I agree on some of the mentioned thoughts, sometimes it is sincere difference in looking at scripture. Also, I feel the church has slipped in teaching the “Who, What, Where, When ,Why ” idea. I’ve been in classes where nothing is mentioned to help folks learn this plus where corresponding verses are located. Not only those in the church for years, but especially those new in the faith. This area has been very much neglected. Thanks and have a nice day.

    1. Dear Mary Ann,

      I’m so pleased that you visited The Scripture Cache! I also appreciate your comments and agree that background and context of every passage need to be stressed and correctly evaluated in each case. Lack of such can greatly affect the meaning of a statement. It is also essential to see all that the Bible teaches on a given subject to have all the truth on it. A good example is the way those who teach salvation by faith alone utterly disregard all the passages on the necessity of baptism for salvation. I’m thankful that you learned the Truth and had the receptive heart to obey it. May the Lord bless you richly!

      Yours in the Cause,

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  5. Brother McClish. You provided significant support to me and others when we had a problem in the Main Street C of C in Lynchburg, TN. The men of the congregation withdrew from their eldership that had released their preacher and then rehired the same preacher. I informed you several years back that about 35 had gone to other congregations. Over the years the congregation dropped from about 130 to 80 in Sunday morning attendance, stopped Sunday night service, and Wed, bible study reduced to about 20 attendees. A serious accident , within the last month, involving the preacher resulted in his death. He fell from the second or third floor roof of his house and received serious head damage. The future of the already weak congregation is unknown. My wife (second, because like you my first wife died) and I now worship at the Fairfield church of Christ in Bedford County TN.

    1. Dear brother Price,

      It is good to hear from you, and thank you for visiting The Scripture Cache. Yes, I remember those times and the discussions you mentioned concerning the Lynchburg church. It is distressing to hear that those problems have decimated a once-faithful and thriving church. Sad to say, this is an all too frequent occurrence in these days. It happened much the same way with the once-great and influential-for-the-Truth Pearl St. church here in Denton, to which I devoted 22 years of my life. It took only one elder to sway two others, and I, as the lone elder who posed the Holy Spirit errors the other three adopted, was forced out. The resulting confusion and division practically destroyed the congregation, leaving only 50-60 people with a 400-seat auditorium. They sold the building about 12 years ago and bought a small building from the Nazarenes. I preached for a new congregation here in Denton for 11 years that my first wife and I helped start in 2005. I retired from preaching in 2016 after two heart attacks in less than two weeks in late 2015 and early 2016. I now do my preaching and teaching mostly by means of the Internet, principally through this Website. It’s still a work in progress, and my new wife is wasting no time in contributing her valuable talents to the project. Thanks again for writing, and Godspeed.

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