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A Vain and Useless Hope

Millions of people who profess faith in Jesus Christ as God’s Son are entertaining a vain and useless hope concerning His Kingdom.


Blessings in Christ

To be “in Christ” indicates fellowship and oneness with Him; it is to dwell in His Gospel and grace. This relationship brings certain privileges and blessings that are worthy of our study and quest.

Faith and Works

If one can be justified without such works, he can be justified without obeying Christ—a totally absurd concept for one who believes the Bible at all.

Getting Into Christ

Those who leave baptism and its Scriptural function out of the Gospel plan of salvation would do well to repent while they still have time.

How to Study Your Bible

People often approach Bible study in a rather strange manner. One person said he just began studying wherever his Bible happened to open. With this approach, it is no wonder that people cannot understand the Bible.

Is the Church Important? 

The only way to have the New Testament church in existence in any age is to carefully reproduce what the Scriptures teach concerning it. Christ alone knows what He wants His church to be and to do and He has revealed this only in His Word.

Is Undenominational Christianity Possible

To most people, “denominationalism” and “Christianity” are the same thing. Do modern men have the courage and objectivity to accept and face what the Bible teaches about the New Testament church and denominationalism?

Was Jesus Christ merely a “good man” or was he more than man?…The Bible provides both the claims, and the evidence to support the claims of His Deity.
The name of John Calvin is still nearly a household term although he has been dead over four centuries. As a religious reformer, he rode the crest of the sixteenth century reformation, a little younger, but contemporary with Luther, Zwingli, and others less notable.
Based on a misunderstanding or misapplication of certain passages , Calvin concluded that before creation, God chose (elected) certain ones to be saved and all the rest to be lost.
The second major platform of Calvinism has to do with the atonement of Christ for sin. Calvinism teaches a limited atonement, denying that Christ died for all men or for the whole world. This is absolutely required by the prior assumption of the Calvinistic doctrine of unconditional election or predestination.
The third foundation principle of Calvinistic theology relates to the nature of man.…The doctrine simply argues that the “original” sin of Adam and Eve has been inherited by every human being, causing us to be sinners from birth and incapable of doing any good things.
The fourth plank in the Calvinistic platform relates to the grace of God and the free will of man. This point flows naturally from the previous one. If man is born in sin, incapable of any good, then his free will has been taken from him to serve God if he chooses.
The final point of Calvinistic theology relates to “Perseverance of the saints.…” This doctrine, commonly termed, “One saved, always saved,” is based upon one of John Calvin’s prior erroneous assumptions.
Preachers have a heavy responsibility, but so do listeners. Jesus warned, “Take heed what ye hear.” Not only the blind leaders “fall into the ditch,” but the blind followers do also.…There is a great need for discriminating listeners in the pew…
Those who listen to preachers have the responsibility to listen carefully: “Beloved, believe not every spirit but prove the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

The hearer has no less responsibility than the preacher. Those who listen to a message concerning their souls must very carefully weigh it against what the Bible says. If it is not according to God’s Word, they must reject it, for receiving it will cause them to be lost.

New Heavens and New Earth

This inspired passage speaks of the utter disintegration of the physical universe, as do several other passages…What are the “new heavens and new earth” for which the saints look and hope?

Notes on the Pentateuch—No. 1 (The Book of Genesis)

Genesis means “beginning.” It reveals the beginning of everything except God. Unless one understands and believes the message of Genesis, his understanding of and belief in the rest of the Bible will be faulted.

The theme of the second book of the Bible and the source from which it draws its name is in Exodus 19:1: “In the third month after the children of Israel were gone forth out of the land of Egypt, the same day came they into the wilderness of Sinai.” Exodus means “going out.”

Notes on the Pentateuch—No. 3 (The Book of Leviticus)

Leviticus is the center book of the five books of the Law of Moses, both numerically and by subject matter. Its name derives from the priestly tribe of Levi and literally means, “pertaining to the Levites.” It contains the system of laws (religious, ethical, criminal, and social) to be administered by the priests in Israel.

The Old Testament book of Numbers is named after the four important censuses of the Israelites which it records. It could also appropriately be called “The Book of Wanderings” since it traces the wanderings of Israel from Sinai to Canaan.
Deuteronomy means “second law,” not in the sense of an additional body of law besides the one revealed in Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers, but in the sense of a repetition of the original Law.
Through books, movies, magazine articles, television programs, and other media, the public is constantly bombarded with the evolutionary theories concerning the origin of the universe and the life within it. 
The Bible claims inspiration for itself in both the Old and New Testaments. One does not read far in the New Testament without being struck by the reverence of its writers (and those whom they quote) for the Old Testament as the very Word of God.
A failure to observe and follow the meaning of words as they are used in Scripture is one of the major causes of religious confusion…Words relating to preachers are among the most abused.
Much, if not most, of the religious division and confusion in our world is a result of man’s failure to respect and use terms of Scripture as they are used in Scripture.

One does not really respect the Word of God unless he respects the words of the Word of God, for the words are inspired (1 Cor. 2:13). Lack of respect for scriptural terms and their scriptural meanings has wrought much of the religious division and confusion to be seen in modern Christendom.

Responsibilities of Dedicated Parents

In the normal development of family life there comes a time when the second generation leaves the first generation to establish a new family from which succeeding generations spring forth. This perpetual “family cycle” was ordered by God in the very beginning as the means of propagating the earth with humankind.

Seven Worders of the Word

Just as historians have long recognized man’s great achievements of architecture and engineering as the “seven worders of the world,” discerning men through the ages have recognized that the Bible is a book of many wonders.

Six Reasons Why

Every Sunday morning, Bible classes for every age are conducted in congregations across the world. Lamentably, many of our people do not take advantage of these classes.

The Bible and Illness

Illness is a universal phenomenon. It doesn’t depend upon whether one is rich or poor, righteous, or unrighteous, what race he may be, or the age in which he may have lived. It is something that all men experience to some degree, sooner or later

The Cause of It All

Our physical world and we, ourselves are not eternal; death, decay, and depletion remind us that the material universe is temporary. This important fact implies another: if we and our world are not eternal, then we have not always existed, and we must have had a beginning point.

The Church—No. 1 (Its Beginning)

The church of the Bible had its origin long before it was established. Its origin was in the eternal purpose of God (Eph. 3:10–11). From the earliest moment in God’s plan to send His Son to redeem man from sin, the church was included.

The Church—No. 2 (How People Become Members)

Jesus built His church on the first Pentecost after His resurrection. How did people become members of it? This is an all-important question for those truly interested in being in His church today.

The Church—No. 3 (How it Worships)

 If we please God, rather than ourselves, we will honor the teaching of the New Testament concerning worship of God.

The Church—No. 4 (Its Organization)

When one looks closely at the New Testament, a pattern of organization for the church emerges. It is clearly stated that Christ is the “head of the church.”

The Church—No. 5 (Its Work)

If a church dare claim to follow the New Testament pattern in every respect, it must do the work Christ gave it to do. Perhaps modern religious movements have ignored or forsaken the pattern at this point as much as at any other.

The Church—No. 6 (Its Authority)

The means of determining whether a church is of human or divine origin and operation is in asking, “What authority is honored?” Man-made churches submit to human authorities. God’s church submits only to divine authority.

The Deity of Jesus Christ—No. 1

Was Jesus Christ merely a “good man” or was He more than man? The second century Gnostics and their modern counterparts say He was merely a created being or a man.

The Deity of Jesus Christ—No. 2

“Why is the Deity of Christ important?” one may ask. “Isn’t the Sermon on the Mount just as powerful and beautiful, even if He wasn’t the Son of God?” That may be so but if he is not the Son of God, He was deceived about His own nature because He claimed a unique Sonship.

The Deity of Jesus Christ—No. 3

The Bible not only records the claims Jesus and the apostles made concerning His Deity. It also furnishes abundant evidence to support the claims.

The Great Commission

When Jesus told His apostles to preach the Gospel to all creation so that all men might have opportunity to be saved, He gave them what is commonly called, “The Great Commission.”

The Greatness of the Church

When we speak of the greatness of the church, we refer to the church which Christ built, which is His kingdom on earth (Mat. 16:18–19) and over which He reigns from Heaven at the right hand of God (Acts 2:34–36). Why is it so very great?

The Ideal Home—No. 1

House and home are often used interchangeably in everyday conversation. A million dollar house may be called a “beautiful home,” when actually it is full of jealousy, hatred, strife, and unhappiness. It is really only a beautiful house.

A house is where a family lives. A home is how a family lives. A home begins with a man and a woman who become husband and wife. What any home is or is not rests entirely on their shoulders.

The Ideal Home—No. 3

When a man and a woman come together and pledge their futures and fortunes to each other in marriage, they assume an awesome responsibility. In the act of getting married, they begin a new home to which they are equally responsible for its happiness and strength.

The Ideal Home—No. 4

Every person is the product of some kind of home. Beyond question much of the personal unhappiness and tragedy people experience relates directly to the unhappy and misguided home environment in which they were reared.

The Man God Called a Fool

In Luke 12:15–21, a very wealthy man is described by God as a fool. In the eyes of his fellow citizens, this man was probably very successful. Surely, he was wise in the ways of business and management, but Christ startled His listeners by calling him a fool. Why?

The Pattern Principle

Does God have a pattern for the church or did He leave man free to establish any sort of religious society he desires and claim it to be the church of God?

The Place of Sincerity in Religion—No. 1

What does the Bible say about the place of sincerity in God’s plan?…Unfortunately, many have jumped to the conclusion that since sincerity is so important to God, it is therefore all that is important to God.

The Place of Sincerity in Religion—No. 2

Does the fact that Jesus came to save a world full of religionists, at least some of whom were sincere, teach us that more than sincerity is required?

The Place of Sincerity in Religion—No. 3

God certainly requires us to be sincere in our practice of religion. Insincerity and hypocrisy are intolerable to God (Mat. 6:1–18); 23:4–5; 24:51, etc). However, the popular phrase concerning religion, “It makes no difference what you believe if you are sincere,” is patently false, according to the Bible.

The Significance of the Cross

The cross is the single most enduring symbol of Christianity. Paul said he would not glory in anything except the cross of his lord. The cross remains an enduring symbol because of the significant things that occurred in connection with it.

The Tongue of the Wise

While the servant of Christ is challenged to devote his entire body to God’s service…, there is no part of his body more consistently emphasized in Scripture than the speaking part (tongue, mouth. lips).

Two Sides of God

While we like to think of God in terms of His goodness for the most part, we dare not ignore the frequent teaching that there is a severe sided of His nature.

Vain Worship

Does God accept whatever kind of worship men may choose to offer to Him? If one is sincere and earnest in his religious activities, does he please God, even if he practiced things that are ordained of men rather than of God?

What About the Old Testament?—No. 1

Do we live under obligation to obey only the Old Testament, only the New Testament, or both? If we fail to understand the correct answer to this question, we will never be able to correctly understand the Bible at all.

What About the Old Testament?—No. 2

God has given two great written “Testaments” or “Covenants.” The first one is the “Old Testament” part of our Bibles. It was never intended to be God’s permanent body of religious law.

What About the Old Testament?—No. 3

The Old Testament teaches that it was to be succeeded by a “new covenant” between God and His people and the New Testament teaches that it fulfills the Old Testament and succeeds it.

What About the Old Testament?—No. 4

None who have lived since Jesus Christ died on the cross have been responsible for any of the commands of the Old Testament…Christ took away the first (covenant) that He may establish the second.

What About the Old Testament?—No. 5

Since the death of Christ, no one has been responsible for any part of the law of Moses, and it is both illogical and unscriptural to resort to Old Testament examples or commands for our religious authority. If we seek to bind upon people who have lived since the death of Christ any practice because it is in the Old Testament, we obligate ourselves to be bound by every precept of the Old Testament.

What About the Old Testament?—No. 6

Unfortunately, when the Bible doctrine is stressed that the Law of Moses is no longer in effect, some people jump to the unwarranted conclusion that we are teaching that it is of no profit to us anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth!

What Is the Church?

There are many terms used to describe the church in the New Testament which help us to understand the nature and substance of the church.

What Is the Gospel?

The word Gospel is frequently found in the New Testament (101 occurrences). Its literal meaning is “glad tidings” or “good news.” It refers to the wonderful news that man can be saved from his sins through Christ and what He did when He came to earth.

What it Means To Be a Christian

The word Christian has greatly changed in meaning through the centuries. In modern usage, one may believe as little or much of the teaching of the New Testament, as long as a person lives “a good moral life.”

What Will Happen When Christ Comes Again?—No. 1

All Bible-believers agree that Christ will come again. But there is much confusion about the events that will accompany His coming. What does the Bible say?

What Will Happen When Christ Comes Again?—No. 2

It is established by a careful study of such passages as John 5:28–29, 1 Corinthians 15:22–23, and 1 Thessalonians 4:16–17, that all the dead, both good and evil, will be resurrected when Christ returns. After the resurrection, what then will occur?

What Will Happen When Christ Comes Again?—No. 3

The world will end in the dissolution of the physical universeThe Heavens and the earth are going to be shaken and removed, according to this passage, and only indestructible, spiritual elements will survive, which includes His Kingdom, members of His church.
Following these remarkable events described in Articles No. 1–3 of this series will be the most dramatic of all, however. The final judgment of all men will occur.
The church described in the New Testament is the greatest institution in all the world and through all time. This can be said without qualification because the church is a Divine institution
The New Testament church is the greatest institution ever built. This is so because it is ordained of God and built by Christ through the work of His apostles. Due to the ways in which men have corrupted it throughout its history, its simplicity and beauty have been obscured to most men.
The church of which we read in the New Testament is incomparable. It was planned from eternity by God and built by Christ through the work of His inspired apostles. Those who are content to abide by the teachings of Christ can know the blessings of being a part of His great church today.
Among all the organizations and institutions that have existed or that continue to exist on earth, the church of Jesus Christ remains paramount. It has Jesus Christ as its founder. He paid the incomparable price of His own blood for it. It is intimately related to Christ as no other body of people can be.

Jesus plainly teaches that most people will be eternally lost, separated from Him forever, while few will be saved (Mat. 7:13–14). From both observation and Scripture some reasons few will be saved are apparent.

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