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 Sermons by Dub McClish

Closing Charge To Corinth

Appointment Of The Seven


When The Heart Is Missing  

Great Lessons From The Revelation

What The Bible Teaches About The Final Judgment

Ezra, A Model For Every Servant Of God

Calling On The Name Of The Lord For Salvation

Four Positives And One Negative

Four Things The Cross Signifies

Morally Innocent But Scripturally Guilty


Pornography, Pedophilia, and Sexual Immorality


Baptism – Dub McClish

April 3–6, 2016, Gospel Meeting Series

Northpoint Church of Christ

Denton, Texas

Andy McClish  

If Any Man Come After Me

Religion That Makes A Difference

What Everyone Should Know About The Bible

Attitudes In Worship

Why Did Christ Die?

Selecting A Mate


Gospel Meeting 2017: Michael Hatcher









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8 thoughts on “Videos

    1. Dear Nathan:

      Thanks for checking out our Gospel Sermons page and for leaving the nice note. I’m apparently doing well. I’ll know for sure in about a week. My cardiologist plans to put my heart “through the mill” to see how it looks inside. I’m feeling well and have good energy most of the time. I appreciate the prayers very much. I hope you can come to see us again soon. Godspeed, dear brother.

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

  1. I love your sermons. I'm certified blind and would like to obtain all your sermons on audio as Braille is very expensive. Was baptized in of Christ Westridge Mitchell's plain Western Cape.

    Love in Christ 


    1. Dear Isaac,

      It is good to hear from someone in far away South Africa. I live in north Texas. I’m glad you have found The Scripturecache. com, and thank you for your gracious comment; it is gratifying that you find my sermons helpful. I don’t have any collection of my sermons in audio recordings. However, I hope to add video recordings to my “Gospel Sermons” page as time allows me to convert them from VHS format. In the meantime, since you obviously have Online capability, I hope you will continue to listen to the audio of the sermons, even though your handicap prevents you from viewing them (some of my “friends” would even tell you that you may be better off not seeing the preacher!). May the Lord richly bless your continued growth in His grace and knowledge (2 Pet. 3:18).

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

  2. These lesson are very good and touches most of Christians needs,though they are in yutube,which has become expensive when accessing,I wish you consider sending them also in PDFs which is a bit cheap,thanks and continue with the Good his love Kennedy.

    1. Dear Kenedy,

      Thank you for visiting The Scripturecache and for your comments. I rejoice that you have found the Sermons page useful. I am always trying to improve the Website, so thanks for the suggesstion. I will consult with my Webmaster about  making the sermons available in pdf.

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

  3. Bro. McClish, hope your well and able to continue your work in the Kingdom of God. My wife and I left a congregation where we had been members for twenty nine years. As the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, we left after the elders decided to give membership to a retired Christian Church preacher solely on his desire to no longer have mechanical music in worship. My question is, did we make a mistake in so doing? There were other problems leading up to our departure (ie. plagiarism, baptizing fornicators without repentance). Your comments will be appreciated.

    1. Dear Tony,
      Thank you for writing and for your good wishes concerning my well-being and my work. My wife, Diane, and I both enjoy unusually good health (in our 80s), for which we thank God every day. A couple of heart attacks in rapid succession led to my resignation from “pulpit” work and its stresses in 2016. The amazing Internet has allowed us to continue our work (in which both Diane and I busy ourselves every day). Since we added a statistics monitor to The Scripture Cache a couple of years ago, it tells us that one or more persons from 195 nations have at least opened it. We’re constantly trying to improve it.
      How sad it has been (and still is) to watch so many congregations succumb to liberalism and lose their identity as New Testament churches. Many thus engage in “false advertising” to keep “Church of Christ” on their property signs. I commend you for making the right decision about leaving the congregation you described. I wrote an article a few years ago which addresses the very situation you and your wife were in: “Good People in Bad Churches.” In it, as you will see, I urge faithful brethren to do exactly what you have done, as difficult as I’m sure it must have been. You will find this MS by clicking HERE. I hope it will strengthen your conviction that you have done what the Lord requires in the action you have taken.
      Every Saturday morning I email a short “letter” to a few hundred people (mostly brethren) to which I attach one of my brief articles and in which I commend one of my MSS on The Scripture Cache, both of which are preceded by a brief introductory statement. I will be pleased if you will give me permission to add you to my mailing list. Of course, there is no subscription fee. Thank you again for writing, and Godspeed.
      Yours in the Cause,
      Dub McClish

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