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Actitudes Denominacionales y Tacticas

Hace más o menos diez años [1962, DM], la mayoría de los principios religiosos erróneos que abordaba en mis predicaciones y escritos eran evidentes en el mundo denominacional. Ahora, junto con muchos otros predicadores del Evangelio, me encuentro predicando y enseñando estos mismos principios, solo que con un propósito adicional.

Algunas Sugerencias Practicas Sobre la Oracion

Siempre necesitaremos revisar periódicamente los elementos bíblicos de la oración aceptable (es decir, al Padre, por medio del Hijo, en fe, según la voluntad de Dios, etc.).

Evidencias Cristianas

El Estudio de las evidencias cristianas es el estudio de los asuntos que dan esencia a las afirmaciones del Evangelio y a su figura principal, Jesucristo. Tales evidencias generalmente se dividen en dos campos principales.

Excursus on the Power of Darkness in Colossians

One of the most striking inspired descriptions of man’s redemption is found in Colossians 1:12–14: My aim is to examine with you the phrase, the power of darkness, in verse 13.

Necios—Antiguos y Modernos

En Romanos 1:19–21, Pablo, el incontenible apóstol de Cristo, describió a los ateos, humanistas y secularistas de épocas pasadas, declarando de ellos: “Profesando ser sabios, se hicieron necios”

La historia se repite

Hace un siglo y medio, algunos hermanos que estaban decididos a tener lo que les agradaba en la religión estaban dispuestos a sacrificar el respeto tanto por la declaración como por el silencio de las Escrituras para tener sus ídolos (principalmente instrumentos musicales y organizaciones evangelizadoras no autorizadas).

Las Respuestas de Dios a Nuestras Oraciones

Quizás no haya una promesa más clara o más consistente en las Escrituras que la de que Dios está atento a las súplicas de sus hijos fieles: “Los ojos de Jehová están sobre los justos y atentos sus oídos al clamor de ellos”

Micaías Lecciones de un Profeta Poco Conocido

A los doce autores de los libros proféticos breves los llamamos “profetas menores.” En realidad, no hay profetas menores entre los que han sido fieles a Dios.
En épocas pasadas Dios llamó a los hombres a predicar Su Palabra por medios inmediatos y/o sobrenaturales. Él aparentemente reclutó e inspiró a todos los profetas del Antiguo Testamento (Éxodo 3:10–4:17; Jeremías 1:4–10; Ezequiel 2:1–7; Oseas 1:1; Jonás 1:1–2; et al.).

Statement From Brother Dave Miller and My Response

On September 23, 2005, brother Dave Miller issued a statement in response to the accusations of numerous brethren that he has taught and practiced the unauthorized elder reevaluation/reaffirmation procedure and that he has advocated an erroneous position regarding marriage, divorce, and remarriage.…

The Multiplying Ministries Movement

The seriousness of cultism has long been demonstrated in such groups as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, and Mormons.…The most prominent and destructive cult related to the Lord’s church in recent years has been the Crossroads Church cult and its offspring, the Boston Church cult.

Un Estudio del Juicio Final

En 2ª Corintios 4:9, Pablo comienza una larga discusión sobre la persecución e incluso la muerte que puede resultar del servicio fiel a Cristo.

Una Trampa Perpetua Para los Predicadores

Nosotros, los predicadores, debemos grabar de manera indeleble 1ª Juan 2:6 en nuestras mentes: “El que dice que permanece en él, debe andar como él anduvo.”

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    1. Jerry:

      Sorry to be this late responding. I must have overlooked the email notice of your encouraging comments. I appreciate them very much.

      Yours in the Cause,


  1. I just downloaded the 2 realized eschatology materials. Some people hold the view that “all things in the book of revelation have been fulfilled in ad70. all things”.
    I think the materials I’ve downloaded will do for some good study.
    Thank you Mr Mcclish

    1. Emmanuel:

      Thank you for your kind comments. I hope that you will find the MSS helpful in your study of the heresy of "Realized Eschatology." I suggest you also visit our Bellview Lectures page on this Site. That entire lectureship in on this gross error. I pray that all is going well in the Lord's work in Ghanna.

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

  2. Dub,

    Would like to tell you how much I appreciate your website.  I hope you don't mind, but I have posted some of your material on the Book Section of our website.  I hope you and whoever reads this reply would visit our website at   You may have known my late uncle Ralph Starling of Texas.  My dad (born 1918) had an uncle who was associated with N.B. Hardeman for a number of years.  I mention this not to impress but to let you have an idea of where I might stand concerning the truth.  Once again, I appreciate your work and really enjoy the documents on your site.  I have been preaching since 1976 due to my dad's encouragement.  Thanks again…

    In Christ,

    Mark Johns
    Washington St. Church of Christ
    Warrensburg, MO


    1. Mark:

      First, thank you for dropping by. Second, thank you for your gracious comments regarding Please freely print and/or upload my material; I’m glad you find some of it worthy of passing on. I do request proper attribution, both as to author (Lavonne, Andy, or me) and to source (the
      I never met Ralph that I can recall, but I’m familiar with his name. I somehow want to associate him with San Marcos, TX. I took a look at your Website. You indeed have it loaded. I found it impossible to access any of the various pages except “Books.” All of the others (e.g., “Articles”) were either covered with graphics or had broken links, but it may just be a browser problem.

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

    1. Hello Elisha,

      Thank you for visiting The Scripturecache and for your kind comments.

      I respectfully suggest that you read the following MSS you will find on my Website:

      On my “Longer Articles” page, please read: “Scripture All-Sufficeincy and Miracles.” 

      On my “Major Manuscripts” page, please read: “Church, The Lord’s, and the Denominations Contrasted,” “Pentecostalism, The Destructive Consequences of,”  “Church of Christ, Surprising Things About the.”

      I will appreciate your reactions to these materials. “Come now, and let us reason together…” (Isa. 1:18).


      Dub McClish


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