May We Never Rest…

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UNTIL every soul on this earth in our age has heard the pure Gospel at least once.

UNTIL we have made every effort possible to relieve the human misery we see around us every day.

UNTIL every member of the church has truly rebelled and revolted against Satan.

AS LONG AS our own community scarcely knows that we plead for the complete return to New Testament Christianity.

WHILE we continue to excuse the purchase of multiplied luxuries at the expense of the Great Commission.

AS LONG AS injustice, hate, pride, and prejudice stalk our nation and the church.

AS LONG AS there are those in the body of Christ who have given up on the ideals of restoring the church of the New Testament.

WHILE there is even one member of the Lord’s body here who is uncommitted and unfaithful.

AS LONG AS the newsstands and theatres of our city are flooded with corrupting pornography.

UNTIL we have the very best Bible school program that we are capable of having, regardless of the cost and effort.

AS LONG AS 45% of our people treat Bible classes as optional and 25% consider morning worship as dispensable and 60% consider evening worship and Wednesday evening Bible classes unimportant.


[Note: I wrote this article for and it was published in the December 12, 1971, edition of The Christian Reminder, weekly bulletin of the Johnson Street Church of Christ, San Angelo, Texas, of which I was editor.

Attribution: From; Dub McClish, owner and administrator.









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