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A Candidate’s Connections

PLEASE NOTE: This article was written prior to the Presidential Election of 1984.

 It is surely a legitimate concern of Christians to be aware of and concerned with the convictions of those who are running for public office

A Look at the You Can’t Legislate Morals Myth

Every time someone wishes to perpetrate some kind of moral evil on society, their watchword is “You cannot legislate morals.” This has been true of the protagonists for open abortion, pornography, lax divorce/remarriage laws, legal sale of liquor and several other issues.…

A Time to be Hardheaded

Elders and preachers have become intimidated by members who threaten to take their dollars to another congregation if the message in classroom, pulpit, and bulletin is not sweet enough to suit them.…As in Ezekiel’s day, the more hardheaded the listeners, the more hardheaded God’s preachers must be.…

A Tragic and Interesting Story

While a more and more denominational preachers are discovering the New Testament church and fleeing denominational fetters to enter it, several of “our own” preachers are wanting to move the church ever nearer to denominationalism.

Biblical Ignorance: Consequences

When a woeful ignorance characterizes the church, as I believe is now the case, dire consequences effect the whole body.

Biblical Ignorance: Cures

How can we overcome the great famine of Bible knowledge that is so prevalent among the saints? The few things suggested in this article may seem like treating surgery with a band aid, but perhaps they are worthy of consideration.…

Body–Building Exercises

Paul frequently speaks of the church as “the body” in his epistles. His constant concern is that it be healthy, growing, vital.  In his Ephesian letter (4:11–16), Paul describes the “exercises” required for spiritual body building. 

Christ and Christmas

Once I referred to Christmas in a church bulletin article by the abbreviation Xmas. One who read the article wrote inquiring, “What happened to Christ?”

Christian Billboards

The function of a billboard is to advertise a product or a service. The Christian advertises both. The product is the Gospel and the beautiful life It produces. The service is the helpfulness he extends to his fellowmen and the careful obedience he expresses toward God.…

Christian Certainties — No. 1

We live in an age gripped by agnosticism. Agnosticism is the namby-pamby wishy-washy, spineless approach to the vital issues of life. In the realm of faith, it dictates a “wait and see” attitude; maybe there is a God, but maybe there isn’t.…

Christian Certainties — No. 2

In an age of doubt, cynicism, and agnosticism, the human heart cries out for something solid, certain, and sure. We live in such an age, and it is appropriate for us to consider some of those things of which we can be sure.…

Christian Certainties — No. 3

Because of the philosophies that deny absolutes and advocate relativism and nebulosity for all oral and spiritual issues, it is more necessary than ever that we understand that there are some things of which we can be certain.

Christian Certainties — No. 4

Despite the negative, skeptical philosophies that seem to control the minds of most of mankind, there are yet some matters that are certain and sure. Puny man will never overthrow the true and living God of Heaven, although he may deny the existence of the Supreme Being.…

Christian Certainties — No. 5

In a world that is constantly being bombarded with doubt and despair, there is a desperate need for some things that are solid and certain. More than anyone else in the world, the Christian can lay claim to numerous privileges and truths that fill this very need.…

Christian Certainties — No. 6

Life has many uncertainties. A person who seems strong and healthy one day may drop dead the next. Someone on whom we were depending may disappoint us; a trusted friend may betray us.…

Did Jesus Have Long Hair?

It is a common misconception that Jesus wore shoulder-length hair. Many have used this myth to justify long hair on males today. What does history reveal about this matter?…

Do You Really Love God?

Jesus said that the first and great commandment to men is to love the Lord with all one’s heart, soul, strength, and mind. If all righteous human conduct is compressed into this simple statement, it becomes essential that we comprehend what it really means to love God.…

God’s Plan of Salvation

If there is one thing that one must learn in life, it is God’s plan of salvation.…A counterfeit plan requiring either more or less than God’s Word teaches will condemn…

Have We Surrendered All Modesty?

I fear that many parents of youngsters in their teen years have failed to teach them any sense of modesty. Perhaps this is so because many of us didn’t learn much about it from our parents.…


I have a few questions every American would do well to consider:…

Ingredients of God’s Grace

In the New Testament, the “grace of God” refers to the unearned and unearnable favor God has extended to men. In the classical Greek literature, this grace was extended only to friends.

Militant Christianity

The radicals and liberals in our society have put the term militant in bad company for many of us. In their militant campaigns on college campuses and in street demonstrations, their nasty and noisy tactics, usually resulting in bloodshed, they have caused saner souls to shrink from anything that resembles their temperament.

“Narrow” Teachings of the New Testament

Truth, whether historical, scientific, philosophical, mathematical, or religious is always narrow and exclusive.…One cannot take the Bible as the supreme and only religious authority without recognizing the narrowness and exclusiveness of its teachings.…

“Narrow” Truth

Our age is dominated by broadmindedness and super-tolerance. Things that were done in the dark corners a few decades ago are now openly done because of this “anything goes” attitude. About the only thing our liberal super-tolerant world will not tolerate is what it calls “narrow-mindedness.…”

On Developing Like Christ

Luke tells us more about the first thirty years of Jesus’ earthly life than the other three who wrote about His life. Even with what Luke tells us, we still know very little, however.…

Preaching to Needs

The ideal sermon deals with the needs of those in the pew. The unending quest of those who preach must be to find the real needs of people and meet them with inspired truth. However, one does not preach very long until he is stuck with the fact that what people need and what they desire are often far apart.

When a person reads or is taught Bible Truth, he must make a response. In fact, it is impossible not to respond, for a refusal to accept what one learns and to act upon it is a response itself.…
The challenges of recent decades to authority in home, school, marketplace, and military were bound to have their parallels in religion.…Until a few decades ago, most Protestant preachers and churches claimed to believe in the Bible and its authority, but in the intervening years, the seminaries have all but destroyed that faith by producing a constant stream of unbelieving pulpiteers.…
What about the practice of churches that have a “youth director”? Is the practice authorized by Scripture? I suppose the answer would be affected by what his duties and responsibilities are.…
A few generations ago, the cry was “know thyself.” Then it became, “assert thyself.” It appears that this is one of the fruits of the rising tide of godless humanistic philosophy that is increasingly penetrating the minds of men. It exalts the human being as the apex of all things.…
To be deceitful is to give a false impression by appearance, direct statement, or influence. Sin is never honest. It always wears a mask, pretending to be something it is not. It does its deceitful work so well that most of the world has been deceived by it.…

It is not uncommon to hear the following (or similar) words uttered in the prayer before the contribution on the Lord’s day: “Father, bless us as we give this small portion back to thee.”  Is this prayer in harmony with the New Testament teaching about giving?…

 It fell my lot to count the contribution one week back in 1973. It was an eye-opener!…I really believe it would be good for every family in the church to count the contribution at least one time.…
The world has shifted drastically in its frame of reference since the beginning of the 20thcentury. From what was once a majority of men who believed in the God of the Bible and who at least gave lip-service to the Bible as the revelation of God’s will to man, the majority has now shifted to God-ignoring (if not God-denying), Bible-ridiculing skepticism and secularism.
To attack the claims of scientists that deny God’s creative work and advocate evolution as the explanation of origins is not to attack science. It needs to be understood that true religion and true science never conflict.
I have listed and briefly discussed ten reasons why I believe it is good for young people to sit near the front during worship. These reasons assume that these young people can behave well enough to sit away from their parents. If they cannot (be they 8 or 18), they should sit with their parents until they are properly trained.…
Some think it possible to magnify the death of Christ, symbolized by His cross while ignoring or minimizing His church. To attempt such is to overlook the vital relationship between the cross and the church according to the Scriptures.…
Profane is used in the New Testament of both men and of things. Esau is called profane because he counted his birthright as of no value (Heb. 12:16). Paul’s accusers in Caesarea said that he intended to profane the temple (Acts 24:6)—to treat that which was holy as common.…

Cats supposedly have nine lives. Men may die more than once. In fact, man may experience as many as four deaths.…

The one guiding principle of God’s judgment of us is our faithfulness. Here is a trait required of all because it is attainable by all. The most common meaning of the word “patience” in our New Testament is endurance, continuance, steadfastness.
Within a few days, I personally received two very different and very interesting evaluations of our efforts in the community in which I was working at the time. Both were from women who were not members of the church. I want to share them with you…
Courtesy and kindness ought to “come natural” to a Christian. Rudeness, insensitivity, sharp and cutting words are not a part of the refined behavior that should characterize the elect. Such traits have caused countless doors to be forever slammed shut against the Gospel.
There is no single teaching of the New Testament over which more controversy has raged than the subject of baptism. There is only one reason why any controversy at all ever arose concerning the subject.
It is our premise that the New Testament is God’s verbally inspired Word and that what it teaches on any subject is God’s Will. This is true of the subject of faith, the virgin birth, moral laws, and every other subject, including baptism.
The definition of the Greek word baptidzo which is translated baptize in the New Testament, is dip, plunge, submerge, immerse. Baptize never means pour or sprinkle since these are two distinct words and acts in the Greek language just as they are in English.

While we have already called your attention to the statements of lexicons concerning the meaning of baptism in the New Testament, let us now cite quotations from numerous religious leaders of the past few centuries.

Having surveyed the overwhelming evidence showing the only Scriptural action of baptism to be immersion, we will now seek to discover the Scriptural purpose of baptism.
In previous articles, we have seen that the action of baptism is immersion, both by definition and description in the New Testament. This is substantiated by the scholarship of the world…
Is immersion in water an act done by a Christian (one who is already saved) or is it an act done in order to become a Christian (be saved)?…
When does this washing occur or how does one apply the precious cleansing blood to his sin-stained life? At the time of baptism which is submitted to specifically in order to receive forgiveness of sins.…
Does the Bible say who should be baptized? Jesus told the apostles to go and preach the Gospel to every creature, and promised, “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved”…

We have a strange, self-contradictory element in the Lord’s church today. They pretend to despise what they describe as labels and those who are “guilty” (as they view it) of “labeling” their brethren.

What Shall I Do Unto Jesus?

There is no more dramatic scene in all of history than the trial of Jesus in the court of Pontius Pilate. On one hand was a heathen governor who had to choose between just treatment of an innocent man and concern for his own political career. On the other hand, was a blood-thirsty mob, screaming for Jesus’ death, quite willing to accept the guilt, both for themselves and their children.…

Women in the Church

I have long observed that major movements in the world will sooner or later have their effect upon religion. Numerous examples exist…One example is the Women’s Lib movement and its implications concerning the church.…

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