Instrumental Music in Worship—Debate

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Bob L. Ross–Michael Hatcher Debate on

Instrumental Music in Worship

July 26–26, 1994—Burkburnett, Texas


Bob L. Ross affirmed: The New Testament Scriptures Authorize The Use of Mechanical Instruments of Music in Worship to God Today. Michael Hatcher denied.

Michael Hatcher affirmed: The Nsw Testament Scriptures that mechanical instruments of music in Christian Worship today are sinful. Bob. L. Ross denied.

Bob L. Ross 1st Affirmative

Michael Hatcher 1st Negative

Bob L. Ross 2nd Affirmative

Michael Hatcher 2nd Negative

Bob L. Ross 3rd Affirmative

Michael Hatcher 3rd Negative

Michael Hatcher 1st Affirmative

Bob L. Ross 1st Negative

Michael Hatcher 2nd Affirmative

Bob L. Ross 2nd Negative

Michael Hatcher 3rd Affirmative

Bob L. Ross 3rd Negative

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