Realized Eschatology/Preterism


Howard Daniel Denham–Holger Neubauer Debate on         

Realized Eschatology/Preterism

September 13–16, 2016—South Haven, Michigan 



Howard Daniel Denham affirmed: The Scriptures teach that the general resurrection of the dead is yet future and is a bodily resurrection. Holger Neubauer denied.

Holger Neubauer affirmed: The Scriptures teach that the general resurrection is a bodily resurrection and is not still future. Howard Daniel Denham denied.

01 – Denham First Affirmative


02 – Neubauer First Negative


03 – Denham Second Affirmative


04 – Neubauer Second Negative


05 – Denham Third Affirmative


06 – Neubauer Third Negative


07 – Denham Fourth Affirmative


08 – Neubauer Fourth Negative


09 – Denham Fifth Affirmative


10 – Neubauer Fifth Negative


11 – Denham Sixth Affirmative


12 – Neubauer Sixth Negative


13 – Neubauer First Affirmative


14 – Denham First Negative


15 – Neubauer Second Affirmative


16 – Denham Second Negative


17 – Neubauer Third Affirmative


18 – Denham Third Negative


19 – Neubauer Fourth Affirmative


20 – Denham Fourth Negative


21 – Neubauer Fifth Affirmative


22 – Denham Fifth Negative


23 – Neubauer Sixth Affirmative


24 – Denham Sixth Negative    Send article as PDF   

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