The Continuation of Miraculous Gifts

Perry B. Cotham–Peter John Debate on

The Continuation of Miraculous Gifts

Perry B. Cotham affirmed: Miracles such as were performed by Christ and the Apostles ceased at the close of the Apostolic age. Peter John denied.

Peter John affirmed: Miracles such as were performed by Christ and the Apostles continue to the present day. Perry B. Cotham denied.

01- Perry Cotham 1st Affirmative

02 – Peter John 1st Negative

03 – Perry Cotham 2nd Affirmative

04 – Peter John 2nd Negative

05 – Peter John 1st Affirmative

06 – Perry Cotham 1st Negative

07 – Peter John 2nd Affirmative

08 – Perry Cotham 2nd Negative

09 – Question and Answer

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