Christian Certainties — No. 4

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            Despite the negative, skeptical philosophies that seem to control the minds of most of mankind, there are yet some matters that are certain and sure. Puny man will never overthrow the true and living God of Heaven, although he may deny the existence of the Supreme Being. The promises of God cannot be thwarted by men, though they ignore or deny them. God has spoken through His inspired Word, the Bible, and try as they might, men have not been able to destroy It.

            The deity of Jesus Christ is just as certain as the existence of God, although many men deny it. One zealous religious group has translated their own version of the Bible for the principle purpose of demoting Jesus Christ from God to the level of a created being similar to an angel. The late episcopal bishop Pike said Jesus was “…just a country carpenter with clerical aspirations, different from other men only in degree, not in kind.” The ultra-liberal Unitarian Church teaches that Jesus was merely a Son of God and that we could be as good as He was if we desired to badly enough. True Bible believers deny such blasphemous heresies in the certain knowledge that He is possessed of the fullest Godhood, Divinity, eternal nature, and supreme power, as is the Father. This is Deity.

            Jesus consistently claimed to partake of Deity and the New Testament writers constantly claimed the same (John 1:1; 14; 10:30; 14:9; Heb. 1:3, etc.). If He were a mere human, then He was a fraud, a liar, an evil man instead of a good Man. If He was not God, the entire New Testament is discredited.

            The Deity of Jesus Christ rests on abundant evidence. Over 300 prophecies are fulfilled in the events of His birth, life, and death. These were not vague predictions or lucky guesses or trends, but specifics spanning centuries.  His conception by the Holy Spirit, and His virgin birth, explain how He was both God and man in one person. His miracles, encompassing every conceivable power, His authoritative teachings and His sacrificial death all attest to His certain Deity.

[Note: I wrote this article for, and it was published in the “Bible Thoughts” Column for the Hood County News, Granbury, Texas, January 29, 1978.]

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Author: Dub McClish

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