Studies in Evolution — No. 1

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            The world has shifted drastically in its frame of reference since the beginning of the 20th century. This has been especially noticeable in the Western World (Western Europe and the Americas) since the end of World War II. From what was once a majority of men who believed in the God of the Bible and who at least gave lip-service to the Bible as the revelation of God’s will to man, the majority has now shifted to God-ignoring (if not God-denying), Bible-ridiculing skepticism and secularism. The spiritual vacuum that has been left by this turn of events has produced dramatic upsurges in the philosophies of humanism, scientism, astrology, various oriental religions, and even satanism. Parallel to the departure of the masses from a basic belief in God and the Bible has been the gradual, but drastic, crumbling of basic moral values. Violent crime, “white collar” crime, the divorce rate, men and women living together without marriage, legalization of abortion, brazen homosexuality, the rising tide of obscenity and pornography in print, film, TV and music and many other evidences all stand as proof of this tragic, but true, premise.

            But how does the doctrine and belief of evolution relate to these developments? In this author’s opinion, it is probably more responsible than any other single factor for the sad condition our world is in. Since the popularization of the evolutionary hypothesis by Charles Darwin’s The Origin of the Species in 1859, and the more men have generally become convinced of Darwin’s theories, the more they have moved away from God and the Bible, and from the thinking and behavior taught therein. Despite a few denials to the contrary, it is a philosophic and practical impossibility to believe in evolution’s explanation of the origin of the universe and the life within it while at the same time believing in the simple creation account of the Bible. And, if one does not believe in the Bible, he does not believe in the God of the Bible in any true sense. Hence, it behooves us to seriously study the claims of evolution and its faith-shattering consequences in subsequent Brief Articles.  

Note: I wrote this article for, and it was published in the “Bible Thoughts” Column for the Hood County News, Granbury, Texas, May 14, 1978.]

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