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We Can KNOW That the Bible Is the Word of God

No doctrine is more fundamental to true religion than that of the inspiration of the Bible. Rejection of the Bible’s inspiration is tantamount to rejection of the Bible itself, and therefore, rejection of the religion and of the God Whom it claims as its source. If the true and living God did not reveal His will by means of the Bible, there is simply no basis for true religion.…

Widows, The Ephesian—1 Timothy 5:3–16

First Timothy 5:3–16 has long been problematical. Perhaps the biggest problem revolves around what seems to be an arbitrary age limit governing widows who can be "enrolled" (v. 9), and, as generally concluded, whom the church can therefore support.…

Church, The—Its Unity and Undenominational Character

From his earliest knowledge that God planned the church, Satan has despised the very concept of it and everything pertaining to it. His first plan of attack was to do all that he could to prevent its establishment. He used the monstrous, murderous Herod the Great….

Both Ways Philosophy, The

A childish trait that many seem never to outgrow is the desire to have certain things “both ways” when it is not possible to do so. In all such cases, the choice of one item, course of action, or result immediately and automatically excludes the other—one cannot have it both ways in such matters.…

Church, "Growing" a—At What Price?

Some brethren will do almost anything to bring numerical and financial growth to a congregation. They will mutilate, innovate, and obfuscate the Gospel in order to have it. “Growth (as they define it)-at-whatever-price” is the demon that drives them.…

God—The Foreknowledge of

The only appropriate attitude with which to approach a study of any facet of the Godhead is unmitigated humility.… The foreknowledge of God is one of those facets of His attributes that has ever intrigued men who recognize their own limited capacities. The Bible undeniably and frequently affirms, argues, and illustrates the fact that God possesses this marvelous trait.…

Humanism—Enemy Number One

If Humanists are right in asserting that man is merely a highly developed paramecium, he is under no “moral” obligation to behave a certain way. He is accountable to no one but himself, and he need not think about duty, good, right, conscience, or consequence of behavior any more than a worm or a housefly does.…

Song of Solomon, The—An Introduction

I am convinced that the book is the simple, sublime account of Solomon’s literal wooing, winning, and wedding of a maiden of Shulam. This is its most obvious import and there is no prevailing evidence to cause one to approach it in any other manner. This being so, what is the place in the Bible of such a hymn, celebrating and glorifying amorous love between a man and a woman?… 

What Love Is Not

Several rich and beautiful Biblical words have been “wordnapped,” redefined, misused, and abused. Among them are grace, faith, miracle, elect, and predestined. Love is another of these words.…

Ezekiel 8–11—Visions of Judgment on Jerusalem

Generally, it can be stated that Ezekiel’s message centered around the fall of Jerusalem. The book of 48 chapters evenly divides itself into prophecies delivered prior to 586 B.C. (1–24) and prophecies delivered subsequent to Jerusalem’s destruction (25–48).… 

Moral Decisions, Flawed Principles for Making

Making moral decisions has to do with confronting day-by-day temptations and behavior options. Everyone operates by some set of “moral standards” that determine his/her behavior, even if they are immoral.… 

Moral Decisions, Biblical Principles for Making

Confronting temptations to “cross the line” that separates moral from immoral behavior is as old as Adam and Eve. Temptation may involve money, deceit, pride, sex, power, or other elements. For those wise enough to honor the Bible as their standard….

Moral Decisions, Implied Principles for Making

Every time we encounter temptation to do that which would violate our moral scruples, we must make a decision to resist or yield. When thus tempted (whether by money, pride, sex, et al.), we will have a better chance of doing what is right if we apply certain principles.…





















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10 Responses to “Latest Uploads”

  • James:

    Fine Site Dub.

  • Dub,

    You are doing an excellent job on this site and I especially like the category of recent uploads. God speed, brother

    • Dub McClish:


      Sorry to be this late responding. I must have overlooked the email notice of your encouraging comments. I appreciate them very much.

      Yours in the Cause,


  • Emmanuel Aidoo:

    I just downloaded the 2 realized eschatology materials. Some people hold the view that “all things in the book of revelation have been fulfilled in ad70. all things”.
    I think the materials I’ve downloaded will do for some good study.
    Thank you Mr Mcclish

    • Dub McClish:


      Thank you for your kind comments. I hope that you will find the MSS helpful in your study of the heresy of "Realized Eschatology." I suggest you also visit our Bellview Lectures page on this Site. That entire lectureship in on this gross error. I pray that all is going well in the Lord's work in Ghanna.

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

  • Dub,

    Would like to tell you how much I appreciate your website.  I hope you don't mind, but I have posted some of your material on the Book Section of our website.  I hope you and whoever reads this reply would visit our website at   You may have known my late uncle Ralph Starling of Texas.  My dad (born 1918) had an uncle who was associated with N.B. Hardeman for a number of years.  I mention this not to impress but to let you have an idea of where I might stand concerning the truth.  Once again, I appreciate your work and really enjoy the documents on your site.  I have been preaching since 1976 due to my dad's encouragement.  Thanks again…

    In Christ,

    Mark Johns
    Washington St. Church of Christ
    Warrensburg, MO


    • Dub McClish:


      First, thank you for dropping by. Second, thank you for your gracious comments regarding Please freely print and/or upload my material; I’m glad you find some of it worthy of passing on. I do request proper attribution, both as to author (Lavonne, Andy, or me) and to source (the
      I never met Ralph that I can recall, but I’m familiar with his name. I somehow want to associate him with San Marcos, TX. I took a look at your Website. You indeed have it loaded. I found it impossible to access any of the various pages except “Books.” All of the others (e.g., “Articles”) were either covered with graphics or had broken links, but it may just be a browser problem.

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

  • Praise the lord my dear Brother 

    iam very about your subjiect 

    thank you for share this valuble notes 

    God bless you – Amen

    • Dub McClish:

      Hello Elisha,

      Thank you for visiting The Scripturecache and for your kind comments.

      I respectfully suggest that you read the following MSS you will find on my Website:

      On my “Longer Articles” page, please read: “Scripture All-Sufficeincy and Miracles.” 

      On my “Major Manuscripts” page, please read: “Church, The Lord’s, and the Denominations Contrasted,” “Pentecostalism, The Destructive Consequences of,”  “Church of Christ, Surprising Things About the.”

      I will appreciate your reactions to these materials. “Come now, and let us reason together…” (Isa. 1:18).


      Dub McClish


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