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On Wills and Codicils

Men make their wills on the basis of information available to them at the time. Conditions sometimes change that merit a change in the will. If the changes are extensive, the will is usually re-written. However, if only a brief statement of alteration is required, one may do this by affixing a handwritten note (i.e., a “codicil”).…

Premillennialism and Crossroadsism—A Refutation from Acts 1–11

Our need to study repeatedly this and other doctrinal themes and errors lies in the fact that brethren go through “knowledge cycles.” Faithful brethren may beat down false systems and/or practices for a while, as has done more than once among the Lord’s people. Then someone like Robert Shank will come along and write a book on it and revive it….

Not or Now?

Changing a single letter of a word can create a statement that directly contradicts the writer’s intended expression. To misspell not as now well illustrates this fact. It is bad enough to unwittingly make such an error in a word relating to the Scriptures. It is manifestly worse when one intentionally makes such substitutions….

Eternal Life Is in the Son—1 John 5:9–13

What a marvelous God we have who sent His Son into this world for sinful men and gave sufficient testimony to provoke certitude or faith in Him to any honest heart! What a wonderful Savior we have, the One alone in Whom we may have eternal life! What precious certainty of eternal life we have if we faithfully serve Him!…

Fornication and Adultery

Fornication and adultery were once, without hesitation, deemed “sinful”—forbidden by God and sources of shame and disgrace to the vast majority of US citizens. Lamentably, such behavior has become commonplace, promoted relentlessly by the industries of entertainment, advertising, fashion, and public education—and even some churches.…

Paul’s Public Rebuke of Cephas—Galatians 2:11–21

In order to bridge the thought gap between the claims of his apostolic authority and the subject of the perverted “gospel” into which they were rapidly moving, Paul next described his confrontation with the apostle Cephas/Peter. This confrontation serves well to show that he was not inferior even to the best-known and perhaps, at the time, most influential apostle.…

Vain Things

Vain is capable of two distinct meanings, depending upon context.…  Vain action, however, is futile, ineffective, worthless, or unavailing effort. The New Testament describes various behaviors that are vain—they are a waste of both time and effort. A review of some of these is instructive….

Jesus’ Blood Keeps on Cleansing

Many years ago (when I was a very young preacher) I believed that unless one specifically named every sin he committed and specifically asked forgiveness of each one, as he became aware of such sins, God would not forgive them. Eventually, I came to see that this was an untenable (and unscriptural) position for various reasons:…

“Preach Not the Gospel, Woe Is unto Me if I”—1 Cor. 9:16–17

The term woe is found numerous times in both Testaments. It is a favorite expression of the prophets to announce God’s judgment upon nations, cities, or individuals. Our Lord frequently used it in crying out against the sinners and errorists among the Jews. (He used it seven times against the scribes and Pharisees in Mat. 23 alone [KJV].)…

Cross, Matters Demonstrated by the

By far, the most enduring symbol of the religion of Jesus Christ is the cross. It so represented Jesus’ life, work, and death that the apostle Paul said it was the only thing he would preach (1Cor. 2:2) and of which he would ever boast (Gal. 6:14). The cross demonstrates several matters of great significance, among them, the following:…

God, On the Fear of

The 112thPsalm begins as follows: “Praise ye Jehovah. Blessed is the man that feareth Jehovah, that delighteth greatly in his commandments.” This blessing upon the God-fearer is one of dozens of Biblical statements that either commends or enjoins our fear of God.…

Church History, Preaching on

The older I get and the more I observe what some brethren are doing and saying, the more convinced I become that the Lord’s people do not know much about church history. Surely, some of the things being tolerated and/or promoted among brethren nowadays would not be going on if there were a better grasp of what has gone before.…

Josiah, the Restorer King—Lessons From

Josiah was a unique king in Judah—a bright light and blessed memory in an otherwise dark and dismal history of a nation that God desired to give His choicest blessings. He was exemplary in many virtues, and consequently his life holds important lessons for us who live some 26 centuries hence.…

“God Is No Respecter…”

In the house of the Gentile, Cornelius, the apostle Peter arrived at a dramatic conclusion for a biased Jew: “God is no respecter of persons, but in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness is acceptable to him” (Acts 10:34–35). He then did the unthinkable for a Jew, offering salvation to his Gentile audience through the Gospel….

Broadminded—On Being

Broadminded connotes an ample tolerance of beliefs and/or behaviors other than one’s own. Modern philosophers have created a culture that exalts this trait regarding morals and all religions (apart from those claiming Bible connections!). Is this trait a virtue, or could it be a vice? Let us consider broadmindednessin various contexts.…

Judgment, Not Heard at the

In light of numerous passages of Scripture, we will do well to ponder some statements that will not be heard at the Judgment.…

Preachers, A Perpetual Pitfall of

As with any field of endeavor, so it is with preaching: The many good men suffer because of the misdeeds of the few. Some unthinking folk assume that all religion is fraudulent because of a few corrupt televangelists. Likewise, all Gospel preachers are often saddled with the reputation of the most unscrupulous ones among us.…

Religious “Dinos”

Acronyms have long been popular, especially in government and politics. Two of these in current use relate to the major political parties.… In religion, those who claim to be Jesus’ disciples, but who teach and act otherwise, may accurately be called religious “DINOS”—disciples in name only.…



































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10 thoughts on “New Uploads

    1. Jerry:

      Sorry to be this late responding. I must have overlooked the email notice of your encouraging comments. I appreciate them very much.

      Yours in the Cause,


  1. I just downloaded the 2 realized eschatology materials. Some people hold the view that “all things in the book of revelation have been fulfilled in ad70. all things”.
    I think the materials I’ve downloaded will do for some good study.
    Thank you Mr Mcclish

    1. Emmanuel:

      Thank you for your kind comments. I hope that you will find the MSS helpful in your study of the heresy of "Realized Eschatology." I suggest you also visit our Bellview Lectures page on this Site. That entire lectureship in on this gross error. I pray that all is going well in the Lord's work in Ghanna.

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

  2. Dub,

    Would like to tell you how much I appreciate your website.  I hope you don't mind, but I have posted some of your material on the Book Section of our website.  I hope you and whoever reads this reply would visit our website at   You may have known my late uncle Ralph Starling of Texas.  My dad (born 1918) had an uncle who was associated with N.B. Hardeman for a number of years.  I mention this not to impress but to let you have an idea of where I might stand concerning the truth.  Once again, I appreciate your work and really enjoy the documents on your site.  I have been preaching since 1976 due to my dad's encouragement.  Thanks again…

    In Christ,

    Mark Johns
    Washington St. Church of Christ
    Warrensburg, MO


    1. Mark:

      First, thank you for dropping by. Second, thank you for your gracious comments regarding Please freely print and/or upload my material; I’m glad you find some of it worthy of passing on. I do request proper attribution, both as to author (Lavonne, Andy, or me) and to source (the
      I never met Ralph that I can recall, but I’m familiar with his name. I somehow want to associate him with San Marcos, TX. I took a look at your Website. You indeed have it loaded. I found it impossible to access any of the various pages except “Books.” All of the others (e.g., “Articles”) were either covered with graphics or had broken links, but it may just be a browser problem.

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

    1. Hello Elisha,

      Thank you for visiting The Scripturecache and for your kind comments.

      I respectfully suggest that you read the following MSS you will find on my Website:

      On my “Longer Articles” page, please read: “Scripture All-Sufficeincy and Miracles.” 

      On my “Major Manuscripts” page, please read: “Church, The Lord’s, and the Denominations Contrasted,” “Pentecostalism, The Destructive Consequences of,”  “Church of Christ, Surprising Things About the.”

      I will appreciate your reactions to these materials. “Come now, and let us reason together…” (Isa. 1:18).


      Dub McClish


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