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Abortion—Monstrous and Murderous

Authority, Respect For

In every system there is a basic, core principle that largely determines the nature and operation of the whole…. In God’s plan for man, the fundamental prin­ciple that overrides all others and that ap­plies to all of our human endeavors is respect for and obedience to appropriate authority.…

Balance, Is This What They Mean by?

Baptism in the New Testament

Perhaps there is no teaching of the New Testament over which more controversy has raged than the’ subject of baptism. This is not the case because the New Testament is ambiguous on the subject, nor because men are incapable of understanding its teaching. As we explore this subject it shall be our premise that God is the author of baptism through the teachings of the Bible.…

Baptism—Shall We Surrender the Scriptural Purpose?

The subject of the one age-lasting baptism (Eph. 4:5; Mat. 28:19–20) has stirred discussion and controversy for centuries. Men have hotly contested various facets of the subject in countless conversations and thousands of debates. At least as early as the twelfth century men and women were brutally persecuted, even burned at the stake….

Barren Fig Tree, The Parable of the—Luke 13:6–9

As with all parables (indeed, with all statements of Scripture), consideration of context is most important in arriving at the correct understanding and application of this parable. The Jews had come to Jesus with the news that Pilate’s soldiers had slain some Galilean worshipers while they were in the very act of offering sacrifices….

Both Ways Philosophy, The

A childish trait that many seem never to outgrow is the desire to have certain things “both ways” when it is not possible to do so. In all such cases, the choice of one item, course of action, or result immediately and automatically excludes the other—one cannot have it both ways in such matters.…

Career Women

“Change Agent,” Just Call Me a

All right, I admit it: I am a “change agent”! Unquestionably, there are some things about and in the Lord’s church that need to be changed, and I want to do my best to change them. The Lord’s people should not be afraid of change—of the right kind. In fact, every faithful saint should want to be an agent to facilitate certain changes in the church.… 

“Change Agent,” What Is a?

The term, change agent, has been in use at least since 1947 in social psychology circles in reference to those whose task it is to facilitate change in organizations. Lynn Anderson is generally credited with being the first to apply the term to the church, using it to describe himself and others in his 1994 book, Navigating the Winds of Change (ACU Press, Abilene, TX).…

Children? What Are They Teaching Our

Children? What Are We Teaching Our

Christian Leader’s Wife, The 

Christian Woman’s Role as a Leader’s Wife, The

Christian Women Are Individual

Christian Women, Practical Suggestions and Examples of

Christianity—A Militant Religion

Various circumstances have combined in recent years to put the term militant in bad company in the minds of many.  Radical and lawless left-wing political groups that provoke and engage in behavior causing personal injury and destruction of private property are rightly labeled “militant.” Their violent antics….

Church of Christ, The, Is Not a Denomination

The truth in the title of this essay is so basic and obvious that every member of the church of the Lord should know and understand it. (How could one truly obey the Gospel without knowing this truth?) That the millions in Protestant and Catholic “Christendom” equate church with denomination is not surprising.… One of the greatest of all ironies (not to mention tragedies) is that thousands in the Lord’s church now conceive of the church likewise….

Church, The—Purposed of God

Is the church Jesus promised to build a “new kid on the block” in God’s eternal purpose? When Jesus announced to the apostles, “I will build my church” (Mat. 16:18), was He introducing something only recently conceived in Heaven? Is the church a mere afterthought in the mind of Deity? So say many.… 

Church, The—Unique, Distinctive, Exceptional

Just as the radical element in our nation cannot tolerate its uniqueness and exceptionalism, liberals in the church cannot stand the Scriptural concept of its uniqueness, distinctiveness, and exceptionalism. This antipathy is the stimulus for their constant calls for and engagements in broader fellowship.…

Compassion and Kindness, The Graces of

Among the many attractive and ennobling traits of character urged upon servants of God and followers of Christ are the twin virtues of compassion and kindness. These sweet attributes are appreciated and admired even by the uncompassionate and unkind.…

Death, Be Not Proud

Deaver Doctrine, The—Where Does It End?

Doctrine, A Strange Criterion for

 A preacher friend whom I had not seen in several years was also at the debate. As we visited during an intermission, he indicated his agreement with the brother in the debate who was advocating the…erroneous and spiritually fatal position. He explained that he had adopted this view because there are so many people in the world who have been divorced and who are in second, third, or fourth marriages.…

Elders, The Authority of

The problem of authority is always with us. Most of the world does not even recognize the existence of God anymore, much less His authority. There have been those in the church through the years who have sought to destroy the delegated authority God has given to bishops in the local churches, but generally, such influences were rather isolated.…

Elders—Their Crucial Role

They [the apostles] left behind that perfected Word which is fully capable (without any direct Divine intervention or assistance) of perfecting the saints who will yield themselves to it (2 Tim. 3:16–17). However, the Head of the church also entrusted her to other human hands upon the departure of the apostles.… These men He denominated “elders,” “bishops,” “pastors.”…

Elders—What Are They for, Anyhow?

Elders certainly have no authority to write or implement any new doctrine. Their task is to keep the church within the boundaries of the “the faith…once for all delivered unto the saints” (Jude 3), and they have the God-given authority to fulfill this task.… 

Evolving Standards

The Associated Press began a news story a few years ago as follows:

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday [March 1, 2005] that the Constitution forbids the execution of killers who were under 18 when they committed their crimes, ending a practice used in 19 states. 

Much could be (and is being) said concerning whether or not the ruling itself makes sense and is in the best interest of our nation…. 

Faith, A Primer on the Meaning o

There is hardly a more important subject for mankind to contemplate—and understand— than that of faith. It is a subject (and word) that men widely abuse and misuse. This misunderstanding is especially evident in faith’s relationship to obedience, salvation, and knowledge. The subject of faith is so basic that if one goes astray on it, he will do so to his own eternal condemnation.…

Finances in the Home

“First Principles,” Whatever Happened to?

To speak of “first principles” in any field of endeavor is to speak of things basic, elementary, fundamental, and rudimentary. The Hebrews writer referred to “the rudiments of the first principles of the oracles of God” (Heb. 5:12). While in the context he shamed the brethren for not progressing beyond them, he certainly never advised forgetting them.… 

Forsaking the Assembly 

It is obvious that many—some who have been in the church for decades—are merely playing at the job of being Christians. One tell-tale sign is their sloppy attendance habits—or none at all—regarding the church’s worship and study assemblies.…

Fundamental Principles, Reviewing Some

The church as God planned it and as Christ built it is revealed in only one place: the New Testament. It is a Divine institution. It was no mere man—not even an angel or an archangel—who said, “I will build my church” (Mat. 16:18), and then erected it on a bloody foundation. The Son of God built the church of Christ. In this fact rests the reason why men dare not tamper with it.… 

God, Attributes of, in Proverbs

To speak of the attributes of God is to speak of His characteristics, His traits, His abilities, and, to a certain extent, His nature. Unworthy and finite human beings must ever approach such a study with unalloyed reverence.…

God, Proving the Existence of 

There are only two possible positions relative to the existence of God: Either He does or He does not exist. The absolutely fundamental issue to Christians is belief in God. In the very nature of the case, Christians must believe in God:…

And without faith it is impossible to be well-pleasing unto him; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that seek after him (Heb. 11:6). 

God—Will He Change His Mind?

God has “changed His mind” on occasion (e.g., Exo. 32:7–14; Num. 14:11–20). If God never “changes His mind” about anything Deism is justified, and many of our prayers are vain. Often the very aim of our supplications is to persuade God to intervene providentially in situations that (we understand from the Bible) would not contradict His immutability.…

Good People in Bad Churches

Rampant liberalism in churches of Christ has produced rampant apostasy over the past five decades. Hundreds of congregations that were at their inception strong in the Truth have become unrecognizable by New Testament standards. This phenomenon has produced a circumstance in which thousands of brethren….

Grace and Law—Are They Mutually Exclusive?

Authority, law, obedience, commandments, and like terms relating to religion represent to millions of folk negative and repugnant concepts, long since outmoded. There is a technical name for this attitude: antinomianism (from two Greek words that, when combined, mean “against law”).…

Grace, Back to Biblical

While Jerry and Patricia Norton were viewing the latest recorded episode of “24,” they were interrupted by a phone call. Caller ID indicated it was their neighbor, Bobby Crandall, two doors down and across the street. Jerry switched the phone to speaker mode so he and Pat could both visit with him….

Grief, Dealing with

Heart Is Missing, When the

Hell, The Shelter of

Those who faithfully preach and teach the Word must include the subject of Hell. Just as Jesus did (Mat. 10:28), we warn people about Hell and its torments….

Holy Spirit, The—How Does He Lead?

One is not a child of God, a Christian, unless he is led by the Spirit: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God” (Rom. 8:14). How does God lead His children by means of the Holy Spirit? Most denominationalists, in their doctrinal confusion and emotionalism, are under the delusion that there is some sort of direct guidance of the Spirit in their lives.…

Home, Building up the Church Through the

Of the three institutions ordained by God—the church, civil government, and the home—the home is the oldest. Its stability and health (or lack thereof) fundamentally affect the stability and health of the two other institutions. God created the first home when he created Adam and then Eve and brought them together in a Divine “wedding ceremony” (Gen. 2:21–22)….  

Humanism—Enemy Number One

If Humanists are right in asserting that man is merely a highly developed paramecium, he is under no “moral” obligation to behave a certain way. He is accountable to no one but himself, and he need not think about duty, good, right, conscience, or consequence of behavior any more than a worm or a housefly does.…

Husband Is Not a Christian, When Your

Ignorance, Intentional

It would be difficult to exaggerate the cursed consequences of ignorance. Various prophets explicitly blamed the downfall of God’s Old Testament people on their ignorance of God and His law. God’s indictment of His people through Hosea says it all: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….” (Hos. 4:6, emph. DM).

Inspiration of Scripture—The Ultimate Capitulation

One can hardly imagine any subject in religion but that men have capitulated the Biblical teaching on it. The mere mention of the inspiration of the Bible, the authority of Scripture, baptism, the church, repentance, worship, the Lord’s supper, the virgin birth, the Deity of Christ, the resurrection of the Lord, Heaven, Hell, and many other subjects reminds us that men have utterly abandoned the Scriptures concerning them.…

Inspiration—We Can Know That the Bible Is the Word of God

No doctrine is more fundamental to true religion than that of the inspiration of the Bible. Rejection of the Bible’s inspiration is tantamount to rejection of the Bible itself, and therefore, rejection of the religion and of the God Whom it claims as its source. If the true and living God did not reveal His will by means of the Bible, there is simply no basis for true religion.…

Intellectual Snobbery

All of humanity profits from the accomplishments of those who have achieved advanced educations. Most of the advancements in technology and medicine and the modern “marvels” we enjoy every day have come from such folk. No thoughtful person will despise those who possess exceptional academic credentials merely because they have achieved them.…

Jesus Should Have Failed

What appear to be foremost concerns to worldlings cannot be found even in trace amounts in the sinless life of Jesus Christ. Could there be a lesson or two for all of us in the reasons Jesus should, by worldly standards, have failed, but was the ultimate example of success?…

Jesus, A “Personal Relationship” with

There is a sense in which we do have a personal relationship with Jesus. We are indebted to Him for our salvation, which is definitely on an individual basis.  However, the expression, as used by so many people today, is not a Scriptural concept at all.…

Josiah, the Restorer King—Lessons From

Josiah was a unique king in Judah—a bright light and blessed memory in an otherwise dark and dismal history of a nation that God desired to give His choicest blessings. He was exemplary in many virtues, and consequently his life holds important lessons for us who live some 26 centuries hence.…

“Journalism of Hate, The,” Musings on

The editorial, titled “Journalism of Hate Mars Churches,” began as follows: “The announcement of a new paper positioned to the far right represents a new threat to the unity and love of the church.” This statement alone brought numerous queries to my desk as to whether or not the editor might be referring to TGJ…. 

Legalism, Law, and Love

Is obedience to Christ optional or unnecessary? Are belief in and love toward Christ the only things required of sinners to be saved? Some (the we-are-not-under-law-but-under-grace crowd) would have it so and thus teach.

Lord’s Table, Praying at the

As I travel about I have opportunity to worship with brethren over a wide geographical area, both nationally and internationally. I thus hear a wide variety of prayers at the Lord’s Table. Unfortunately, these prayers often indicate misconceptions and ignorance about the Supper itself, as well as about the prayers to be prayed in connection with it.…

Love, Prove the Sincerity of Your

Love—What It Is Not

Several rich and beautiful Biblical words have been “wordnapped,” redefined, misused, and abused. Among them are grace, faith, miracle, elect, and predestined. Love is another of these words.…

Man of Sin?—Who or What Is the —2 Thessalonians 2:3–4?

Who or what is the “Man of Sin”? Is he a specter of the past, is he yet to appear, or is he presently stalking the earth? The Thessalonians apparently understood this passage. Its specific application has been more or less enigmatic to every generation from the second century forward. There are comments extant on this passage beginning with the early post-Biblical ecclesiastical authors.… 

Man or the Plan Discussion, The, Revisited

In the early 1960s I was a young preacher, not long out of Abilene Christian College. I well remember the lively brotherhood discussion of the Man or the plan controversy (actually, it might be better styled, the Man instead of the plan). It arose from the accusation made by some brethren that preachers had generally been too “negative” and “dogmatic”…

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage—Is Matthew 19:3–12 Really so Hard to Understand?

Until about forty years ago divorce was almost universally stigmatized, and it was difficult to obtain apart from the cause of adultery. Then the social engineers did their work.…

Matthew 19:9, Is, a Part of the Law of Christ?


Micaiah—Lessons from a Little Known Prophet

We call the twelve authors of the short prophetic books “minor prophets.” In actuality there are no minor prophets among those who have been faithful to God. Not all of God’s prophets wrote their messages for posterity and we know almost nothing about some of them except a brief mention of their faithful work. Among these little-known, non-literary prophets was Micaiah, concerning whom we have a scant twenty-one verses (1 Kin. 22:8–28; repeated in 2 Chr. 18:7–27). 

Miracles and Revelation

The word miracle is one of several Biblical words that have been “wordnapped,” redefined, and misused. Miracle is popularly used to describe a spectacular game-winning catch of a football in the end zone, a person who somehow escaped the wrath of a tornado, or the providential answer to a prayer. The “religious” con men on TV have amassed fortunes by confusing a gullible public with their pseudo claims of miraculous powers.…

Misconceptions, Some Sad and Serious

The brother responded forthrightly, which I appreciate. However, his response reveals some woeful misconceptions concerning some crucial subjects. It also reveals anything but the “irenic” attitude of which most liberals boast.…

Motherhood, The Responsibility of

During the years when her children are young, motherhood is the Christian woman’s number one job, after her duties to her husband. If she fails, entire generations will be affected, and the sad results will be perpetuated. This is not to say the responsibility is altogether hers,…

“Movement in Transition”

Some time ago an announcement in the bulletin of a large (1,000+ member) West Texas “Church of Christ” caught my eye. The church had planned a special summer series of Wednesday night lectures on the theme, “Movement in Transition….

Needs, Recognizing Our Own

Pentecost, Those Who Were Lost on

If Acts 2 tells us the conditions upon which sinners were and are saved (as it certainly does), it also, by implication, tells us why some remained in their lost condition after the events of that historic occasion. It is quite likely that many folk in that crowd who heard the apostles preach had their own ideas about salvation, just as millions do now…. 

Pentecostalism, Consequences of

Perseverance of the Saints Error, Answering the

Plan of Salvation, The—Why It Was Necessary

God has never left men without law in any age. Those who teach that the grace of this Gospel age excludes accountability to all Divine law err egregiously, yea fatally. Such teaching is heresy in the first place, and in the second place, it is ultra-absurd. If grace excludes law, then it also thereby excludes grace itself, or at least the need for it.…

Plea for the Plea, A

There is no more exciting and thrilling ideal to those who hunger and thirst for ultimate Truth than that of being a part of the church of the Bible. The incomparable objective of restoring the church of Christ was necessitated by centuries of apostasy followed by earnest but doomed-to-fail attempts at mere correction of the evil monster of Rome and its apostate ancestors.…

Politics and Religion—Parallels

Some general parallels are obvious between the political and religious landscapes. Professed believers in God, the Bible, and the Christ are also divided along the lines of the “right” and “left” dichotomy that is observable in politics. This conservative-liberal division is quite apparent in both the Roman Catholic Church and in Protestant Denominationalism (with pronounced liberal dominance in the latter).…

Prayer, Jesus in

Prayer, Practical Suggestions on

Prayers, God’s Responses to Our

Preachers and Preaching—an Overview

A man who is dedicated through-and-through to God and His Word will not find a more rewarding life’s work than preaching the Gospel. I speak not of monetary rewards, for the Lord knows (as do most who have preached very long) that many congregations still expect maximum labor for minimum pay.…

Preachers, A Perpetual Pitfall of

As with any field of endeavor, so it is with preaching: The many good men suffer because of the misdeeds of the few. Some unthinking folk assume that all religion is fraudulent because of a few corrupt televangelists. Likewise, all Gospel preachers are often saddled with the reputation of the most unscrupulous ones among us.…

Preacher’s Wife, The

Principles by Which To Live

“Purpose-Driven” Church Paradigm, The

Churches should have goals and aims. In this sense every congregation of the Lord’s people should be driven by purpose rather than stumbling along haphazardly. However, purpose-driven has taken on special meaning in “evangelical” circles since the publication…

Reasoned Conclusions Valid, Are?

In one of the periodicals published by…brethren who have made shipwreck of the faith,…the writer apologizes for ever having taught such “garbage” as the distinction between generic and specific commands, the “mythical” (as he views it) necessary inference, and assertion that some examples are binding and others are not… (Integrity, March, 1970, p. 151). This author’s reasoned conclusion that the application of reason in arriving at valid conclusions is invalid….

Roman Catholicism—Lest We Forget…

The news media gave wall-to-wall coverage to the illness and recent death (April 2, 2005) of John Paul II, the Roman Catholic Pontiff. I do not recall hearing anything, whether from local or national radio, television, or newspaper coverage, that did not praise him. Without controversy, he was an international figure and wielded great influence…

Same Subjects—New Applications

I am often impressed with a striking phenomenon: Several of the Biblical principles which I fervently preached then to those who were outside of Christ are the very principles which we must now aim directly at our errant brethren. We will do well to review some of these dual application principles.…

Scriptural Pragmatism

Our English word “pragmatic” generally connotes that which is practical, that which “gets the job done,” sometimes to the exclusion of reasonable or artistic considerations. When I was a youngster growing up on a central Texas ranch (before the advent of duct tape), baling wire was the remedy for a wide variety of problems and emergencies. Its use sometimes defied reason, and always art, but it “worked” for everything from mending fences to repairing a muffler on a truck.… 

Scripture, The Best-known Verse of

Scripture All-Sufficiency and Miracles

Among other things that love, grace, faith, elect, and miracle have in common is that they are all words that have been “wordnapped,” redefined, and misused. Miracle is loosely used in reference to a spectacular catch in the end zone of a football game, a person who somehow escaped the wrath of a tornado, or to the providential answer to prayer.… 

Sectarianism—What Is It?

“I am trying to think my way out of a sectarian attitude. I grew up in the context of one. I learned a sectarian spirit. I breathed a sectarian spirit. I exhibited a sectarian spirit. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed. I have repented. I am trying to outgrow it—Rubel Shelly, March 1983….

Small Things Can Become Great

Long ago Zechariah cautioned us not to despise “the day of small things” (Zec. 4:10). If a cup of cold water is all we have to give, and we give it with love, we will not lose our reward (Mat. 10:42). Jesus said that he who would be great should be the servant of all (Mark 9:35; 10:44).

Spiritual Anticlimaxes

An anticlimax is a reversal of direction, thought, or status from the superior to the inferior or from the sublime to the ridiculous. In our days of modern, well-equipped, and technologically advanced automobiles, the suggestion that we return to traveling by horse and buggy would be an anticlimax. The behaviors of people in religious matters frequently demonstrate this phenomenon.… 

Stand Fast or Compromise

The whole point of a soldier’s being well-armed is not for the parade ground, the reviewing stand, or mock maneuvers, but for the field of combat. The reason we are to “take up the whole armor of God” is that we “may be able to withstand in the evil day, and, having done all, to stand” (Eph. 6:13).…

Strong and Fully Armed

All who enter God’s service do so by voluntary enlistment, not by being drafted. Hence, these volunteers are to “put on” and “take up” the whole armor that God provides. We do so only through our own diligent effort, and we must never rest from this activity.…

Tradition, The Truth About

True, Too Good To Be

When the women who discovered the empty tomb of the Lord brought the news back to the apostles, they were at first incredulous, labeling it “idle talk” (Luke 24:8–11)…. Luke then records their reaction: “They…disbelieved for joy, and wondered… (v. 41)…. In other words, the Lord’s resurrection seemed “just too good to be true!”…

Truth, The—Does It Need Defending?

It is becoming increasingly popular to take the position that the Truth does not need to be defended. In their mad rush to avoid what they label “negativism,” some have taken the untenable stance that it is not even the Christian’s responsibility to defend the Truth.…

Unity in [Spite of] Diversity?

Should religious unity override all other considerations? Are doctrinal Truth and Scriptural practice only secondary and relatively insignificant? Many in the church, in an ecumenism run amok, now answer these questions affirmatively and would have all of us do so as well.… 

Women Leaders, Examples of


Word of God, The, Is Able and Profitable

From my earliest remembrance of the content of Gospel sermons, God-fearing men have exalted the inspired, written Word of God (the New Testament specifically) as the “road map” to Heaven. Mind you, faithful brethren have not set it forth as one among a few or many others, but as the only way by which sinners may reach eternal glory.…

Work of the Church, What Is the?

Several years ago a family visited the Lord’s day morning assembly where I preached. In conversation with them afterward they asked some questions: “What sort of program do you have for teenagers? Do you take them on skiing trips and have other such activities for them?” It was their first—and last—visit. They did not like my answer….

Worship Etiquette—Some Suggestions

Worship, Malachi, Liberals, and

Worship. The Purpose of

It is tragic that many are so spiritually shallow that they no longer thrill to the simple, God-given acts of worship for His church. Beware of those who cast aspersions upon these holy acts by calling them “traditional,” “unexciting,” “worn out,” and “boring.” …

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  5. Dear Dub: “Prove The Sincerity of Your Love,” by Lavonne. All I can say is that it is so true what Lavonne said. Quote, “If brethren would use this Bible principle there would be less unloving attitudes in the church toward each other.” I put that in my own words.

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      I’m so glad you wrote these nice words about one of Lavonne’s articles. She was a very good Bible student (helped me many a time!) as well as a good writer. Your paraphrase of her statement is right on target. Thanks for taking the time to write. I hope you’re well.

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    1. Dear Judy:

      Thank you for visiting The Scripturecache again. From your description of some of the content, I assume you may be referring to my MS on "Overcoming Temptation." I've dealt with this subject more fully in a MS on my Long Manuscripts page. It is titled, "Persecution, The Christian and." I thought you might want to take a look at it, also. You are so very gracious in your comments, and I am encouraged by them. May God bless you in your continued study and in your daily walk on the road to Heaven.

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  7.  Dear Dub:

    I must have printed out about 15/20 articles from the scripture today. They are only 10 cents a copy(15 cents a page in NJ). I know that I will be able to have several months of sermons to study from when I get back to NJ. Thank you for all these wonderful lessons. Thanks for the article on the Patriachial Dispensation; I have the answer to  questions that I have longed to understand. Can't wait to be able to move to TX so that I can have access to to great teachers like you, Phil, Jerry, and the other preacher/teachers. I can't recall his name right now.

    Your Sister and Friend


    1. Dear Judy,

      I’m so glad to get your note and to learn that you have “stocked up” on material from The Scripturecache. You are a great source of encouragement. We’re anxious for you to get back here to stay!

      Yours in Christ


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