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Gospel Sermons


 Sermons by Dub McClish

Understanding the books of the Bible —16 sermons (Please use the menu in the upper left corner of the video screen to access each of these sermons.)

Closing Charge To Corinth

Appointment Of The Seven


When The Heart Is Missing  

Great Lessons From The Revelation

What The Bible Teaches About The Final Judgment

Ezra, A Model For Every Servant Of God

Calling On The Name Of The Lord For Salvation

Four Positives And One Negative

Four Things The Cross Signifies

Morally Innocent But Scripturally Guilty



April 3–6, 2016, Gospel Meeting Series

Northpoint Church of Christ

Denton, Texas

Andy McClish  

If Any Man Come After Me


Religion That Makes A Difference


What Everyone Should Know About The Bible


Attitudes In Worship


Why Did Christ Die?


Selecting A Mate


Gospel Meeting 2017: Michael Hatcher












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2 Responses to “Gospel Sermons”

  • Nathan:

    Dub, just a line to see how you are doing. We at Fish Hatchery have you constantly in our prayer. Take care.


    • Dub McClish:

      Dear Nathan:

      Thanks for checking out our Gospel Sermons page and for leaving the nice note. I’m apparently doing well. I’ll know for sure in about a week. My cardiologist plans to put my heart “through the mill” to see how it looks inside. I’m feeling well and have good energy most of the time. I appreciate the prayers very much. I hope you can come to see us again soon. Godspeed, dear brother.

      Yours in the Cause,

      Dub McClish

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